15 January 2011

Back on Terra Firma

We arrived home yesterday evening. A week of highs and lows people...literally. And figuratively.

We learnt a couple of things :

1. We all get sea sick to varying degrees....except Hooli - who is totally immune!

2. We do not enjoy sharing holiday time with 1488 other people.

3. Entertainment is a very subjective thing.

4. I have well-behaved, respectful, patient and resourceful children.

5. We can all survive quite happily without tv, dvd, laptops and the like.

I will be doing a detailed post on each of these lessons learnt in the next day or two. I still dont have a helkom line so am using a cellphone to dial up....tis verrrrry slow people so photos and long entries will have to wait.



allie. said...

Nice to hear from you even if it is abbreviated.
Your kids did amazingly in difficult circs - good for you to know they can handle.

I am so looking forward to when you can post your beautiful holiday pics.

Marcelle said...

Great that you are home safely and have learned all these new things about your amazing family!!

Andrea said...

intrigued....will be watching out for more info, sounds good....welcome home!

Stefanie said...

Can't wait, we love cruising. But then only 2/5 get sea sick and only a little bit. Nothing that meds can't knock out.

Lynette said...

Glad you're back and looking forward to hearing all about it.