16 January 2011

Day 1

On Monday we boarded the Melody. Embarkation took a good 3hrs...going from one queue to another queue. This was not fun but the anticipation of new things and a week away kept us in (relatively) good spirits.

Once we managed to find our way to our cabin we droppped our stuff and headed up to the sun deck to wave CT goodbye. It was all rather magical really.

Shortly after our 20 minute deck exploration we had to then all file through to various checkpoints on the ship for a drill (with our life jackets on) and listen a lengthy talk on what will happen before we die.

Not a great start. Especially after a 3hour embarkation process. Hooli lost it and lay on the floor and quietly wept. I tried to do the same but people wouldnt move out the way for me. Tsk!

We returned to our cabin, unpacked and became acquainted with our new surrounds. The cabin was lovely, small but comfortable with plenty of cupboard space.

The bathroom was well designed and I could even lie down and read my book in there!

My man wasnt feeling up to dinner so the kids and I donned our 'casual finery' and headed downstairs to the Galaxy restaurant. We were served by Louis - a guy from Honduras.

He has worked on the ship for 5years and is away from his family for a year at a time!! He was so kind to us and took such an interest in the kids. He really is someone I will remember for a long time. Unfortunately his English was very limited which kind of made it difficult to get into long conversations but we wont forget him.

By the time we returned the to cabin, the Man was fast asleep. The kids were cranky and a bit grumpy about the dizziness in their heads. The boat was rocking quite substantially and I was already feeling some concern about the night...and the next day.

Day Two coming soon.


Hayley said...

Oooooh, I have been dying to hear about the trip. I must admit I am not a fan of a cruise, only because I have this terrible irrational fear of drowning in a cabin room...too many Titanic movies me thinks.
So I will live through your pics...dying to see them.

allie. said...

Waaa hahahaha!
This is about you wanting to lie down and cry like Hooli but people wouldn't give you space.
You crack me up!

Stefanie said...

Lovely hearing your experiences of a cruise...
We are already looking at our next one. ALaska is on the short list.

cat said...

Ooh, and why do I get the idea that a cruise with kids is not a great idea...

blackhuff said...

Great to read about your trip. Very interesting so far :)

Andrea said...

Looking forward to "day two", day one doesn't seem too bad so far and the photos are stunning.

Lynette said...

LOL! I would have loved it if the people made space for you so that you could throw a tantrum...it would have been funny to see.

I still want to go on a cruise...but only me and DH.