20 January 2011

Day 3 In Walvis

We arrived in Walvis Bay 3 hours late which was a blight as we had planned to meet with the Man's family. Fortunately we still had time to shoot through to Swakop and spent 3 hours with them.

We went and had seafood at this great new restaurant; just built at the end of the Pier. You can see by the sea that bad weather was heading in...

The Man and his dad

Kinda novel to be seated on a piece of glass above the sea; must confess to it giving me pause!

So great for the kids to see their cousin albeit only briefly.
It was quite surreal to just be there for the day and then be heading home again.

We shot back to Walvis to board the ship again by 4pm. The wind was absolutely howling and it was extremely unpleasant.

And it didnt get any better as the days went by. :-/


Hayley said...

Cool restuarant...love the floor. I must admit, I love Namibia..cannot wait to get back there one day!

Stefanie said...

Great pics, not sure that I would be comfortable standing on that floor either.

cat said...

Wow, that restaurant looks cool.

Lynette said...

Great photos taken in the restaurant...and how cool is that glass floor.