18 January 2011

Day Two

This will be a photo post - it was the best day we had on the ship and the photos speak for themselves.

Blogger feels the pics look best right justified...so we will leave it at that okay?

hanging at the pool - the water was frrrrreezing as its seawater.
Duh. Only figured that out later. doff chick.

Kids checking themselves out before the Captains dinner.
The man and I - more spruced than usual.


My gorgeous trio.

They found an empty stage and couldnt resist!

Soaking up the sunset.

A day I will not forget! This is the way things would have been all along....if the storm hadnt ruined our fun. Grrrr. :-)


clare said...

Hi, love the pics, Paul and I have just had a good laugh.
Cant wait to read more.

cat said...

It does look idyllic.

Betty Bake said...

looks like a blast - sorry to hear that a storm ruined it all - waiting to hear what happened

Betty B

Jacqui Bourne said...

Looks like you had a fabulous day. Sorry to hear the storm ruined the rest of the trip..... Love your kids on the stage.... too precious♥

allie. said...

Omicat - I love that the kids are so free in themselves that they can do what we all long to do -
just break out on an empty stage and go nuts.
Congrats on your parenting that has made them this way!

Ness at Drovers Run said...

Hah - you've just reminded me of something I'd completely forgotten about. We cruised the aegean sea (around greek islands) when I was 12. I was so excited to swim in one of the two deck pools until I found out that they also only fill them once we were underway. With sea water. Even once my dad had someone explain the filtration process to me - and how it was absolutely impossible for sharks to get in, I remained unconvinced for the entire 7 days on board, and would rarely venture past the shallow end. Hah. Fun times.

blackhuff said...

You all sure made great memories for yourselfs. Great pictures.

Kim Watson said...

Oh-boy...it looks like a holi of note! There is something about the background of endless ocean that makes for the most amazing photos! Great to you you all had such a great time.

Shayne said...

Your kids are divine. Love that they are just themselves wherever they are - clearly they do not give 2 hoots what people think - stunning!

The pool photos speak volumes. Sad about the kakky weather - pity we don't have a switch to control that huh?

Lynette said...

Stunning photos....a holiday dreams are made of.

Kirsty said...

Love the pics... looks idyllic :)
Wish it had stayed that way for the duration of the cruise x

Hayley said...

agree with everyone else....and might I add...you are looking fab :-)

Andrea said...

Those photos certainly do speak of a magical day...such a pity about the storm. Love your kids on the stage, mine would have SO been doing the same thing lol.

Return to Norway said...

Gorgeous photos!