25 January 2011

Disappointment Starts Young

Lulu started school last week.

Today she plucked up the courage to speak to a second grader. The conversation apparently went like this:

Lulu : Wow, you have the same rollerblades as my sister!

Nasty girl : Do I care? No I dont! (and stormed off)

Lulu was aghast. When retelling me the story she almost sounded like she wanted to cry. I got all mad and furious (inside my head) but I gave her a hug and asked her how it made her feel.

And she said:

She looked like such a nice girl and I just dont understand why she had to be so rude.

Suffice to say I did the mom thing and we had a lovely chat about life ( and its crappiness etc) but I encouraged her to keep *unwrapping new friends; to not let this one rude person ruin her engaging attitude.

* Unwrapping new people : Hooli started school again today and many of his mates have gone to Grade 1 so he was very upset by all the new faces. I spoke to him and explained that new people are like wrapped presents. Just like you have to unwrap presents to find the surprise so you have to engage/talk to/unwrap new people. There are often wonderful surprises! (and sometimes kaka ones too as Lulu found out today!)


Jacqui Bourne said...

It's tough being a mom!!!! One part of you wants to take on the mean kid and the other part knows that the best way to deal with the situation is to comfort and equip your own child to handle and deal with these situations in the future. I love your description of new people being like wrapped presents. This is such a cool way of describing it! Some pressies are pretty on the outside and have nothing much inside and often the quality one is the unassuming present waiting patiently to be discovered after the frantic rush is over. Hope today is a happier day. ♥♥♥

Ness at Drovers Run said...

That's a great analogy -about the presents. Deffo going to keep that one in my arsenal ready for whipping out.

I always think of the movie "Step Mom" when faced with this kind of situation. You know the part where the daughter is upset, and the mom tells her to just deal with it and move on? Then the step mom organizes like a revenge fest. I always wonder who was right/wrong in that situation. It's a delicate balance between "doing the right thing" and "standing up for yourself". I think that that can all be determined by age and situation I guess.

Andrea said...

One of the absolutely hardest parts about being a mom is watching my kiddies get hurt either physically or emotionally through someone elses unkind words. Think your idea of "unwrapping" friends is lovely and am going to use it on my kiddies in the future if that is okay.
Hope she has a better day today xxx

blackhuff said...

"She looked like such a nice girl." That is what I thought about my neighbor until last night. It's such a shame that there are such people out there in the world. And that they start so young. I feel for your daughter.

Joanne said...

Poor Lulu its a good job Aunty J isnt there as that girl would be a gonna. I listen to mine kids tell me similar horror stories at there age so it doesnt even get better. Life sucks.

I love the present thing, you are such a clever Mom.

allie. said...

IT makes me spitting mad - Lulu is so open and eager.
For anyone to slap her down like that is just spiteful.

In this case, yay for TV and schoolgirl storybooks, where there are always catty girls in plenty. Lulu can see its not her - there are just mean girls out there.

The present thing is wonderful!
I know the kids will enjoy that idea. We all do :-)

I am still loving unwrapping new "presents"

Stefanie said...

Some of those people gifts, you want to carefully re-wrap and return to sender.
Great concept though.

Marcelle said...

Its so hard being a parent, or grandparent ( something I am learning ) so I think you did the right thing by preparing her for life....

Lynette said...

It is amazing how cruel young ones can be...and it is sad that such a vulnerable child like Lulu has to be on the receiving end.

I love the analogy of "unwrapping new friends." Cool!