22 January 2011

FaceBook Hiatus

I made a big decision today.

It has been a long time coming but reading this blog post by Lightseeker was the catalyst for me. (go read it quickly and come back right away okay?)


I have taken a Facebook break. I am not swearing off it forever because that would be dumb and irrational and silly.

Facebook, in moderation, is fabulous.

I love being in touch with so many people - some I only relate to via fb because distance separates us. This does not, however, detract from a meaningful friendship.

Here is the problem. I am a facebook addict. I check it in the morning. I check it in the night. I check it in the Pick n Pay queue. I check it in the parking lot. I check it while the kettle boils. I check it while I eat or drink tea (if alone).

I justify this by saying that I am not doing anything else so why not? It is not hurting anyone. Or is it?

It is no secret that I am wired for media. I crave it. I immerse myself in it at any given opportunity.

I seldom read real books anymore, I no longer scrap and I dont spend nearly enough time with my kids or my man; something that causes me pain....and yet I persist?

*red flag*

I have ordered the book The Winter of our Disconnect because I need to act now before I have 3 teens in the house. Each at their laptops, instant messaging their mates while plugged into their iPods. With their ageing addict mother beside them. :-)

For some insight into the book check out this link.


Stefanie said...

To be honest I still haven't really "got" facebook. I love blogging and emailing and popping on to facebook to see snippets from my friends. It will never replace a phonecall or face to face meeting over coffee with a girlfriend for me though.

allie. said...
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allie. said...

The same thing bothers me: the fact that I keep "going there" with FB even when I don't want to.
A sure sign of addiction.

What is about not wanting to be outside 'the loop'?!

Ness at Drovers Run said...

Facebook has brought me closer to some family members (who also live far away) than would ever have been the case if there were no such thing as facebook. I have better friendships as a result, because I'm able to actively participate in peoples daily goings on. Even though my BFF now lives in Seattle - we are still close thanks to FB and skype.

So while I understand *your* reasons (and by the way I also check it a lot via my phone), for me - it is a tool which strengthens relationships for me, rather than diminishing them. As for Twitter, I have resolved to only use that for business based reasons, so that only goes on once a day - and gets activated to broadcast new posts on my blogs, otherwise there is a time-void-vortex-blackhole that appears if I switch on tweetdeck. So that part I totally get!

melB said...

@ Stef - thats fine - fb isnt essential to your daily life!

@ Allie - precisely

@ Ness - I agree with everything you say and its the same for me. The difference betw us is that it is a compulsive habit for me at this stage.

Like as I said, I will go back in time but I hope to be able to control the time spent there.

For now its just like a little Detox Hiatus. :-)

Werner said...

Respect Mel. Inspiring. And now you have an XY lurker commenting for a change :-) Would love a book review when you've read it...

Andycapp said...

The best thing about FB is that it connects us to our friends and family. Its so awesome to be able to pop a quick message or update to elt people know whats going on. The worst thing about FB is that it is accessible on you Blackberry or whatever device. That creates a level of addiction. Hi, my name is Andre and I am an FB addict.

I'm so not a blogger said...

So true, though I have to say, I am not particularly addicted, can do without it, but it is good to get information that you want out there, out there. have to also say that i am not a huge computer fan, at the moment, I am considering whether Bean is too young to start learning the computer and if she isnt, is that the start of the end? I don't want her to be like her dad who is ALWAYS on the computer. Well, we shall see. i think the simple things are good, but we all need a balance. i finally figured out that I really enjoy blogging, but is that the writing or the computer? hmm... oh dear, I fear I have written an essay. i think Il go and eat my chocolate brownies i have just made, with lindt Il have you know;-)

The Brummie Vines said...

Heya sweetie!

Been through the mill lately (as I'm sure you remember!) and I'm off to the neuro in London on Tuesday. I have kind of been on a forced hiatus from FB. I went 'cold turkey' and had to endure the shakes the sweating and the overwhelming compulsion to log on and keep my peeps entertained! Please know that at the moment - I am just a 'lurker' (yes I am ashamed to say it)

I am battered; bruised and don't feel like I can contribute anything - but just know that I love hearing your news - it's a welcome respite - and gives me a few moments to escape the horror of my life at the moment!

Chez said...

I spend less time on FB because work and health have pushed me that way. In some ways I like it, in other ways I miss it. It's a catch 22 thang!

My advice is go with the flow, listen to no one but your gut and just sommer enjoy life. If you keep coming back and back and back after saying you going then yes you are addicted but so flippin what I say.

I need to back track here cause I see you've just been on a cruise.

Hugs xx

Hayley said...

So get you Mel...i always feel like i have to go in and have a look.

I am also backing off from Twitter for a while.

Sometimes you just need a break.

Grinleer said...

Mel, I get you!!
It is really a fine line and once you have crossed over it you need to re-assess, for me personally I love how I have reconnected with people and got close to as well folks that i possibly wouldn't have! HOWEVER that being said - I have to be very careful as i'm losing valuable work hours by hanging out in my cyber office talking rubbish - THAT is my challenge for this year, moderation- i need to put the same hours into my business. xx