28 January 2011

Fridays Variety

Things going on in my world and head this week:

Hooli is going in for surgery on Monday. Oh the suckiness. He is having a little gland removed from his neck. It is a simple 20min day procedure but I am not loving the whole thing. His anxiety is making me sad. I wish he didnt have to go through it but in the scheme of life it is not a big deal. (I am telling myself that - not him!)

The hardest part is going to be keeping him away from food from 8am until the surgery at around 2pm - oi vey!

Am so enjoying watching Lulu embrace school, new friends and reading. There are very few things in life more rewarding than watching *words* come alive through the eyes of a small person.

She had a rocky start to school, feeling a bit insecure and friendless but she bounced back within a day and now is very excited to find out what new surprise each day will bring.

Both girls are LOVING their violins. I thought it was going to be heinous - having to hear them practice but fortunately their teacher insists on only *beautiful sounds*. Being out of tune is simply not an option.

Hooli is still very into his guitar - we took him for a lesson as a treat a while ago but he is still too young to be tutored. This, however, does not deter him from entering in on any guitar playing opportunity. :-)

I have fallen in love with the Kindle. I bought it for my man who really really wanted it but has yet to really embrace it. Well, times up cos I have fully embraced it and it will take some considerable wangling to get it out of my hands now. I especially love having it in my bag so wherever I find myself I can read whichever book takes my fancy - according to my many moods. ;-)

I still have lovely paper books next to my bed .... there is still nothing that replaces the feel and smell of a real book!

I have just returned from a Direct Pressure Point Therapy session - it is (supposed to be) a body stress relief massage. It was all going swimmingly until she told me that she uses the *meridians* . Some sort of Chinese thing and that she was getting feedback from *them*. She listed some emotional issues she felt *coming through*.

Ick man. I dont like mixing spirituality with anything else. I like mine straight up, thanks very much. I guess I will have to seek out a new DPP therapist. One that does the mechanics and leaves the new age mysticism behind.

And finally....we are all going to Newlands to watch the rugby tonight.

Stormers (me) versus them Lion (my man) - the kids are so excited and are trying to decide who they should support!

Happy weekend mense.


Stefanie said...

CJ went for surgery when he was 2, he was fine, I was a total wreck. I'll be thinking of you.
So often people through mysticism stuff in. I was having a pedicure and she asked me if my shoulder was giving me trouble, she could "feel" it in my feet.

Anonymous said...

Will be thinking and praying for you on Monday, my friend.

That whole "meridians" stuff and emotions coming through - I would have asked "what the hell is that???". Totally freaks me out when ppl start talking like that.

Hayley S.

Anonymous said...

PS.: Isn't your date incorrect. Today is the 28th Jan isn't it. Or am I reading yesterday's post??

Hayley S.

allie. said...

Am loving the FiveTribe spot!
It reverts back to the old Five Browns blog which was a fav of mine.

Never mind, the surgery will be over soon and Hooli will be bragging to all and sundry about his experience.

The girls look so cute with their violins - who knows where that could end up!

Its great to see Lulu so into reading - and that she has got through the early trauma of big school days.

And omishatteredcat! You go for stress release and the woman stresses you out with her weirdness!
How weird is THAT!?

Obviously you need to come with me to my ou who does none of that - and really knows his stuff :-)

cat said...

Oh gosh yes, I am a bulls supporter, but hec, I will still support the Stormers, but how the hec do you support the Lions????

I love paper books but would not mind a Kindle. At all.

Good luck with the surgery. We also have some in the future for our girlchild.

Marcelle said...

Know how a mommy feels when one of her children has to be operated on, not nice at all no matter how *small* the operation, its out babies going under.

Lauryn has a kindle and saw how she used her's where ever we went, Heinz asked if I wanted one and said NO...not there yet, am finding it hard to concentrate at the moment, even finding long blogs hard to read...

Enjoy the game...Go Stormers!!

Me said...

Hey Mel.

Ja, not nice - but its a really simple procedure and doesn't leave you in any pain or discomfort either. I think your biggest thing is going to be keeping him off food! It's going to be fine. xx

Enjoy the rugby! Stormers all the way!

Kirsty said...

Eish... sterkte bok for the surgery. Will be thinking of you x

Ness at Drovers Run said...

Eek. I would not be handling well if one of mine were going in for surgery. As it is, Skip has to have his tonsils out, and while I want to delay, I want to get it done before we *go*.

As for the meridians and stuff - it's not new age at all! Your mates who find it funny, are funny to me! :) Just because ancient wisdom isn't "mainstream" doesn't make it weird. Even scientists will tell you that muscles have memory, and emotions are obvously tied into that too.

Try not to judge okay?

MelB said...

@ Ness - I would hate to think I was being judgemental. More a case of overstepping a boundary - I was paying for a service and I got more than I asked for.

I explained it like this on FB... when people came for a scrapbook lesson I would not engage the Holy Spirit unless they asked me to.

I have no problem with what others engage - just dont spill it over onto me. Common courtesy.

clare said...

Love the pic of Lulu embracing her school reading book oh you have it sooo easy girl!

I totally agree on the 'funny stuff' with the massage but unfortunately the territories are often linked, good luck finding someone who is whispering in the dark.

Hope Hooli was ok today.