09 January 2011

Girls, shoes and clothes

What I learnt this weekend:

1. Lulu shares my taste and passion for unusual shoes.

And no; I did not influence her choice. She did ask if I liked them and I do.

2. Honey does not share my passion for unusual shoes. She is a sneaker girl. Thatisall.

She loved these pumps though because of the skull motif....
makes them *less girly* apparently.

3. Honey will soon be raiding my wardrobe.And definitely shares my love of skinnies, t's and the leather jacket.

Totally decked out head to toe in my clothing/shoes!
I couldnt believe my eyes.

I do enjoy watching their little fashion quirks - my girls are *so* different in their style. Makes for some highly amusing moments but they both generally encourage each others' individuality which is very cool.

Happy weekend mense - will be back next weekend with photos from the cruise. :-)


Ness at Drovers Run said...

I just want to say, that Lulu's shoes are *way* nicer than yours ;) Very rocker chic. I think I would call yours, ummm... biblical-era-ho-chic? (ducks).

For everyone else reading, this blogger *gets* my sense of humour and knows that I'm not being nasty mmkay?

Ness at Drovers Run said...

Oh...OH. Okay, I totally thought that was you in the picture on the left (turns cheek for slap).

Shutting up now.

cat said...

Oh I love all those shoes. My princess is also such a "shoe" girl. She on the other hand is extremely girly in her dress sense.

Betty Bake said...

my one a shoe girl too _ i may need a second bond for her show shopping habits (hehehe)

enjoy cruise - can't wait to see pics so I can live through your happiness - hahaha - I miss it :) grins

Betty B x

Lynette said...

Oi, I am loving Honey decked out in your clothes. Just goes to show what a super cool mom you are.