04 January 2011

New Beginnings

Welcome to my new space guys - so good to have you follow from Simply-MelB.

A fresh blog (#3!) for a new year; a new season in the life of our tribe.

I havent made any resolutions for the new year - I am just not wired that way. I do love the idea of a clean slate - an opportunity to start anew and revisit areas of weakness encountered in 2010.

These are the kinds of thoughts rolling around my head:

  • entertaining in my home more often
  • putting LGN (my other blog) on ice
  • attempt to come to terms with the fact that cooking is a necessary evil
  • get my kids involved in the kitchen. Honey baked muffins completely independently on Sunday and it really made me realise how much help she could be.
  • visit the library once a week with the kids
  • read more real books
  • plan a family holiday for late this year
  • allocate specified times for specific online tasks including emails/research/blogging/facebook/admin/itunes and the like.
  • learn a new skill; this could simply be taking ballroom, cooking, photography, art, ceramics - whatever!
  • be at home more.
  • start and MAINTAIN a proper, real deal herb garden.

What non-resolution things do you have on your wishlist?


Marcelle said...

Good luck...to all the New Beginnings...:)

MacNessa said...

Five tribe would be an awesome *brandname* :) I'm sad you're putting LGN on ice. It could be *huge* with the right planning and direction. Definitely. But I'm also glad you're out in the open - logging in was a pain in the hiney!

MacNessa said...

Also...hate having to sign in with my google account. *Pout*

allie. said...

This looks fun - good luck with the new spot.

Hayley said...


Jacqui Bourne said...

Love your new blog. Also love the feeling of a new clean slate with loads of possibilities. Love your thoughts - I too want to get a herb garden going - Love the thought of fresh herbs to cook with. I have been enjoying trying out new things in the kitchen now over the holiday without all the time pressures. My family have also enjoyed the variety on the menu ;o)

Joanne said...

Looks great. LOL @ the comment that R could be a help in the kitchen x

Betty Bake said...

wow cool new pace :) like it alot

i love my herb garden it is really nice to cook with good quality herbs that you know haven't been sprayed with any insecticides etc... and the favour is awesome.

sounds very cool - all your new things you hope to do :) enjoy - I hope to read about all of them :) or atleast some of them :)

I also need to allocate time for stuff like on the computer and off the computer so my life isn't only in cyber world :) hehehe

have a great evening
Betty B x

Betty Bake said...

oops i meant to say cool new space not pace and great flavour not favour about herbs :) silly me

Betty Bake said...

ps I'm happy to do cooking workshops with you :) in your pretty kitchen :) hehehe

Janine said...

I think you are so brilliant by not making any new year resolutions :)

Kirsty said...

ha! You forgot "jozi trip" AND "girlz weekend" off that list....;)
Love your new blog.... but I was Soooo loving the new purple on Simply Mel, make this one purple, kay?? Me and Purple??? Bestest of friends x x

MelB said...

Hey you lot! So good to be back in the *real world*.


Ordinarylife said...

Non resolution things - a budget!! Lets see how that goes.

cat said...

Great to see the new space! I think a private one will take my mojo too.

Lynette said...

You are really starting with a clean slate my friend.