31 January 2011


How often I have I heard of moms taking their kids in for tonsilectomies, adenoids, gromits and worse? Very very often. I have given them my sympathies - the type of sympathy you give someone when you have NOT been through it yourself.

Hooli had some nodes/glands removed from his neck today. Turned out to be a couple in one spot that they took out under general anaesthetic.

It was a loooong day. I fetched him from school at 1030 (bearing in mind nil by mouth from 0730). I then fetched my mom and we were at the hospital at 1130. We did all the admin stuff and then waited a good 90mins in reception.

My son was an absolute gem. Not once did he complain of hunger, thirst or anything else. He just wanted it to be over. Oh, and he refused pointblank to wear any manky backless hospital gowns.

I went in with him until they put him to sleep. That was EXTREMELY traumatic. They did not warn me that their little bodies fight the anaesthetic. It was like he was having a seizure. I was completely traumatised and left the surgery an emotional mess. (but hiding it, of course).

The anaesthetist actually sms-ed me halfway through surgery to re-assure me that all was going well - clearly my stoic act hadnt worked on him! I cannot tell you the relief that text gave me.

Hooli took a looong time to wake up afterwards.

My mom and I sat with him for well over an hour trying to get him to come round but he fiercely resisted our efforts and had a great long snooze. We even tried putting Bieber on the iTouch to wake him but to no avail!

We eventually left the hospital at 1630 - just in time to hit rush hour traffic. Took me almost 90mins to get home (for a 40min trip). I was extremely thankful that Hooli slept the entire way.

He is very chirpy now but complaining of some pain in his neck. Understandably. :-) He is colouring in and eating me out of house n home.

He is a little hero - for sure and for certain.


Hayley said...

So glad, it went well!
And well done to you too :-)

Ness at Drovers Run said...

Oh my stinking heck. My nerves just reading this. I can't imagine what that was like for you. Of course on Thursday we're off to see an ENT about a tonsillectomy so - the idea of seeing my big dude twitching on the table does not appeal. Thankfully - though you have forewarned me!

Glad he's home and chipper!

allie. said...

An unforgettable day on so many levels.
I was so proud of you both - brave people the pair of you.

Lynette said...

He is a tough little man! I am so glad all went well.


Michele said...

I like what Lynette said---he's a tough little man! And awfully cute, too, in his shirt that is NOT a backless gown (laughed at that one). So, so glad he made it through the surgery and is on the road to recovery. Not easy for any mum to take her child to hospital, so well done to you, Mel. Now, take a nap. :-) xxoo

Cool Runnings said...

Glad it went smoothly - never easy having kids anywhere near a hospital. Sounds like he handled like a star too. xx Glad its over.

Anonymous said...

oh Mel! I think I would have "lost it" seeing "their little bodies fight the aneasthetic". How traumatic. Glad that you are both doing so much better.

Hayley S.

Shayne said...

I have been trhough it twice - grommets and then tonsils. It is so awful for us - i remember so clearly how they fight they aneathesic and take an age to wake up. I remember sitting outside waiting for them to come out of surgery like it was yestereday. It is horrid and I do not wish it on anyone.

SO glad that Hooli is recovering well and that he was such a hero yesterday.

Well done to you too xxx

Joanne said...

One of the hardest things to do but you being there when he went under must have helped so much with any nerves poor little thing. Glad it's over do you have any results? Xx

melB said...

@ Jo - Hooli was high as a kite before he went in - no nerves! LOL. They dosed him with STopain and a kid variant of Valium about 20mins before surgery. I get the result in 2-3 days.

blackhuff said...

The anaesthetic part was also the worst part for me because of the exact same reason you've mentioned. It left me so traumatized that when I left the OR and went down to my hubby at coffee shop, I burst into tears. It was awful.
And yes, they are little heros indeed. Enduring so much pain.

cat said...

SO glad all went well. Both the boys had grommets, and L adenoids when they were 2 and gosh, it was tough.More on me than them, but yes.

Marcelle said...

Such a brave sweetheart...