07 January 2011

Kids, water and sunshine

Summer Celebrations happened at our place today - the kids were all missing their mates and we decided to have an impromptu party today. Cape Town's weather has been begging for us to celebrate the arrival of true summer!

We hired an inflatable slip n slide, fired up the solar heating on our pool and invited 25 kids to come join the fun.

True to form, Lulu spent the first hour in her room, utterly overwhelmed by all the noise, kids and general rowdiness. I was so touched when I saw Honey sneaking party food upstairs to her and eventually even coaxing her out to come and join the rowdiness.

I really enjoy doing this kind of thing - even though it thoroughly depletes me it is so worth it to watch the kids all interacting and having a blast.

Mam Honey is showing definite signs of domestic goddess-ness. She has been sewing as well as making us muffins and fresh (delicious) lemonade.

Hooligan is back to his perky self and was our star dj today. So good to have him back on form!

This weekend marks the countdown to our cruise - lots of planning, shopping and packing gonna be happening. I wont be online next week as there is no internet in the cabins. I may update on facebook once we get to Swakopmund so friend me there if you havent already!

Later peoples.


Lynette said...

You are such a cool mom...to invite all those kiddies over for a party. BTW you let your son's name slip in this post;-D

allie. said...

I agree with Lynette: super cool mom.
It makes me want to have another shot at momming - I feel asthough I didn't put enough in, or take enough out.
I can do it vicariously through you guys I guess.
Photos of note: The expression you captured on Lulu's face is wonderful! Moving and intriguing.
Mona Lisa - look out!

Pic of you - notable legs, girlfriend!