05 January 2011

Summer Living

You will not ever find me complaining about hot weather. Nope. Not ever.

I will be the one on the lilo. Savouring every moment. Or the first one at the beach although apparently you still get robbed early as I learnt today as I came home short one camera.

Cameralessness aside I am really enjoying the sweltering days and balmy nights. Not even Hooligans yo-yo viral temps (last 3 days) can dampen my mood. Although I will confess to moments of extreme concern and weariness. He definitely is on the upswing though - yay!

He (Hooli) is Mr Modesty but the other night he was convinced by his sisters to join them skinny dipping. I think he may just be a convert....as Honey (9) said to him :

*Dont you just feel freeeeee?*

Only a couple more days until we head out on the MSC Melody for our first ever family holiday.
By this I mean we are not going to be with family or friends etc - Just Us. On a cruise from CT to Walvis Bay and back.

It is going to be a great experience! Any ship tips from seasoned cruisers are welcome! :-)


MacNessa said...

You know I'm the queen of positivity right? Yes, for everything except heat. Ha ha. Yes. Blech!

I love your two photos side by side - brilliant to be able to compare like that hey? Seriously - Hooli - has totally grown up in the last two years!

Sorry to hear about your camera. Just when one is in the throes of both nostalgia and optimism something like that seems to happen to bring back reality. I hate it when that happens.

MacNessa said...

Whoah. Did you use comic sans to make your dates on those photos?

*Raises eyebrows like a disapproving schoolmarm* (with a wink to indicate the joke).

Andrea said...

what a gorgeous comparison in photographs, amazing how they have changed....it scares me sometimes coz I feel just the same despite the passage of time shown in my children's lives.

Have a wonderful, relaxing family holiday

MomAgain@40 said...

Great new blog! Love the design!

Stunning to go on a boat cruise. I loved it! Lazing around all day... wonderful! Tip: lots of sunblock!

Best new year for you and the rest of the Five Tribe! :D

cat said...

Enjoy the cruise. I have no cruise advice but is a firm believer in the family only holiday. More work for you as parents, but way way better.

Stefanie said...

Greetings, you'll hear me whine about the heat...just not from Florida!...in winter.

Lynette said...

Awesome, a cruise! You are going to love it.