18 January 2011

This is Me. No, this is Me.

Blogging and facebook is a funny thing. You can project anything / anybody you want to be out there.

So here is the thing; maybe some of you have some wrong perceptions so lets have a little confession session shall we?

  1. I love shoes. But I only own 14 pairs. (for guys reading this...that is VERY few for a girl who loves shoes okay?)
  2. I dont really enjoy shopping unless I am looking for something specific or am in a very frivolous frame of mind. In fact, I avoid the mall at all costs unless someone is meeting me for coffee.
  3. I can cook. I am good at it too. I choose to hate it cos it sucks the life out of me. I will avoid having to cook at all costs.
  4. I am not as frivolous as my Other Blog makes me out to be. In fact, my Other Blog is my antidote to real life. Its full of meaningless tripe. But that is okay because sometimes meaningless tripe makes me happy and takes my mind off heavy meaningful dilemmas.
  5. I think about stuff. A lot. I know some people may see me as a *froth and bubbles* person but maybe that is my fault. I tend to play my cards pretty close to my chest. I dont share stuff easily.
  6. I do love technology. I love my cellphone, my laptop, facebook and blogging. But who among you...reading this....can tell me that you dont? Hmmmm? I can live without all these things but why would I choose to?

Right. That done....now...any of you know the latest news on Brangelina? ;-)


cat said...

Oh I love this post. And I love it even more that you went to the trouble to look for that Lego set for me a year ago. Thanks again - that is true friendship.

(BTW I bought it in July this year- to make sure IO have it. A bit anal, I know)

Betty Bake said...

hi Mel
i so understand - what we project isn't always a true reflection of who we are - especially here in cyber space - i do also keep a certain look/persona on here

so understand and here you

Betty B x

Ness at Drovers Run said...

I know *exactly* what you mean ;)

Marcelle said...

GREAT post and so much happier and fun than mine was today....:)

You love shoes...of course you do...and hey am with you with the gadget stuff ~ love it too.

Me said...

Lekker post Mel...
I always knew you could cook... but I wasn't going to be the one to say anything! x

Lynette said...

I think I got to know you a little while meeting you in real life.

Hayley said...

So with you on this one.

Especially with blogging. I want my kids one day to read my blog, so I try not to post negative stuff, its meant to serve as memory as a journal as sorts. But I also don't want to come across as life is always perfect, but then I read other blogs and all they do is moan about stuff, and I don't want that either...its a tough one.

blackhuff said...

I think every commentator of yours (me including) likes gadgets. And I have to disagree with you, I can't live without my gadgets. Because of the fact that it is for work too ...
Love the post

Return to Norway said...

Yah - sort of like me talking about needing a glass of wine all the time when in reality I might drink one glass every 6-8 weeks.....

Shayne said...

How did i miss this post?

I so get you. My blog also 'skims' the surface somewhat. And why not?

I totally 'get' you on this.

And i still like you - even tho I own more shoes than you (can you believe it!). XX