29 January 2011

Weekend Chitchat

Last night we took the kids and headed out to Newlands for the rugby - it was such fun.

I was very greatful that the stands were not jam-packed, there was plenty space for us to spead out and the kids could run around when they got bored.

Just had to post this pic of Honey with one of her bestest friends, C. I love watching these kids doing their thang - she is growing up so fast.

I woke at 7am today. And it is Saturday people. I had decided last night to go to the 0830 spin class at Virgin Active. Those that know me well know that I have been out of the gym scene for some time for various reasons....and I have not spun in 8 years!

What I thought was to be a 60min spin turned out to be a 90min pre-Argus spin class. Omicat. Thankfully I was flanked on the left and right but two good mates. I got through it with a smile and I am tentatively hopeful that I am back on the road to regular workouts.

Late pm Lulu went riding on the gorgeous Viking. (pics to follow asap)

While she rode, the man, Hooli and I (Honey is sleeping out tonight) chilled out at a local eatery and just soaked up yet another beautiful Cape Town day.

Life is good and I can appreciate every moment.
For this I am very grateful.


Hayley said...

Life is good :-)

Love these pics Mel!

Marcelle said...

Been waiting to see who won the game...cant be the stormers if you didn't mention them in your blog or FB...:(

Great about the spinning class....90 mins from ZERO is heavy going, I used to teach those classes and know how much it takes out of one..did you sleep the rest of the day...LOL

Jealous cause your weather is so good...but am patient as ours will be here ONE of these days :)

cat said...

Good, good times!