10 February 2011

And we're outta here

Another week whoooooooooooooooshed by....never a dull moment here. We are off to Swellendam, Umshanti - cannot wait to just chill out.

Weather is set to *excruciatingly hot* - just the way the Browns like it. We will be doing a considerable amount of river dipping methinks.

I have been doing some photo filing and came across some oldies and am sharing them. :-)

Hooli at 2
Me, very preggers with Hooli. Lulu about 22mths.
Verrrry pregnant with Hooli. (36wks)
Lulu and I. She is about 8mths.
Feb 2004, Rach 2.5yrs. 6mnths pregs with lulu. On holiday in Saldanha Bay.

Thanks for looking and sharing my little nostalgic moment!


lg said...

Ahhh.. Such cute pics Mel. Nice to see them - but it makes one realise how time does indeed whooooosh by. Have a lekker weekend. x

allie. said...

Gee, memories rush back!
Lovely pics, Mel -

blackhuff said...

Ah, a trip down memory lane ... thanks for sharing the pics.

Lynette said...

Lovely photos...by the looks of this post your DH kept you barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen for this time:-)

Enjoy your weekend of chilling.

Marcelle said...

man oh man it was lovely to see you pregnant....such wonderful memories...thanks for sharing your beautiful time and your little monkeys!!!

cat said...

Oh these pics were fantastic. Enjoy your weekend.

Kirsty said...

Love the pics..... I have very few of me pregnant.... I regret that now :(

Shayne said...

Being pregnant suited you - your tummy was tiny!

Nice to have a peek into your life before i *knew* you xx

I'm so not a blogger said...

love these pics, there is def something nostalgic about seeing pics of yourself preggers... and then to see them all growing up... wow!