26 February 2011

Camping, Big Walks and other scary things.

Today is the girls Big Walk. We cancelled our trip to Mcgregor this weekend because they are so excited about it. Bleh. Talk about parental sacrifice. :-/

We camped out in the garden last night and suffice to say it wasnt my best night. The kids of course slept like logs and thoroughly enjoyed it.

I dont like camping.

I discovered last night I dont like camping even in my front garden. It sucks. It is overrated and quite a bizarre thing to do. I can totally do nature and beauty but give me a basic building with running water, a bed, toilet and shower from which to enjoy said natural beauty.

I do think the wind played a huge factor last night - it was HOWLING - I could not believe the kids slept through it all.

Suffice to say this morning I was a tad irritable. Does not help that it is the Big Walk....and the wind is STILL howling. I made a *quality* decision to relinquish the parental big walk duty to my man based on his spoken desire to be more involved in school activities.

My pleasure - off you all go now while I hang out in my four walls. :-)


allie. said...

Um, you meant "a basic building building with running water, a bed, toilet and shower AND FAST INTERNET" I'm sure.

Bravo zulu on the effort to do the tent thing.

I hate roughing it too - its a mystery to me that people put so much effort into aquiring all these mod cons, and then their best holiday idea is going somewhere where you have to live without them.

allie. said...

"Building building"
Ooh I had a writing stammmer!

MacNessa said...

Agreed on all points. I totally would have sneaked back inside. Allie nailed it with, running water, bed toilet, shower AND fast internet.

lg said...

I thought of you last night in that wind! It was really horrible - well done on surviving! How did the walk go?

Joanne said...

Hope you had a good sleep this morning. I have never done camping as you know, I sort of dont get it either a hotel seems like a better option. Enjoy the weekend xxx

Kirsty said...

ugh! Camping. Next time - convince the kids to build a fort INDOORS, with boxes and blankets and furniture. Waaaay more exciting than camping.... tell them! ;)

Shayne said...

Ha ha, i think it's hilarious you creeped back inside!

I don't really 'favour' camping either. Give me feather pillows, a matress, a down duvet, hot water, tea on tap and i'm happy. Oh, and my laptop and cellphone.

And good on dad doing his share - i've sent mine along to athletics and swimming in the last couple of weeks.

Anonymous said...

I know that you are so impressed that I managed to comment!! I love camping...but you probably guessed that:) Really putting camping in perspective is when I discussed the concept with my domestic worker who lives in a shack. She stared incredulously, assuming that she misunderstood. We have the "huge" waterproof, weatherproof home with all the modcons, and then we choose to go rough it in the bundo in a tent!

michelle said...

so meant to comment with my name and not 'anonymous'! will try again. I want a Noddy badge if you're reading this!!!

cat said...

The wind does spoil things. My hubby is from PE - he loves all things wind, but really wind and camping is not great. And that comes from someone who loves camping.