07 February 2011

Madness on a Monday

Before I get to Monday let me just say we spontaneously decided to head to Mcgregor on Saturday morning - it was awesome. The weather was scorching and we just hung out with the parentals, swam, slept, watched movies when it got too hot and c.h.i.l.l.e.d out.

But Monday whacked me over the head big time.

Started out with a post-op trip to the specialist for Hooli. I drove into town (45min) looked for parking, missioned and waited in his office and when we got to see him ....he high-fived my boy and ripped the plaster off and sent us home. About 45 seconds of action. Seriously? I could have gone to my gp down the road for that. (not that he is charging me BUT MY TIME, oh dear)

While I was missioning in town with Hooli I managed to forget that I was on library lifts for Lulu's class today. The very FIRST library outing for the Grade 1's. The MOST important day because they were all going to choose their VERY FIRST readers. :-( Apparently they were all lined up waiting for the library mommies to arrive, busting with excitement but to no avail....yes...the other mommy forgot aswell. Horrors.

This afternoon was a bit of a travesty aswell with the man needing a lift home as he was dropping off his car for service. What should have been a 15min trip (at 4pm with 3 hot, grumpy kids) turned into an hour round trip with mad traffic.

Upon returning home at 5pm I had to face a school family tree project that was sposed to be done this weekend. (did i mention i dont believe in weekend homework?) so we got into it today. Honey has her mind made up about everthing. She wanted uncles, aunts, cousins, dogs and rabbits on her tree. (not really but you get my drift) . It turned into a bit of a war and I am very ashamed to say I literally threw my hands up in the air and passed a rather infantile comment her way and stormed upstairs. :-(

bleh. And to top it all off I didnt get to Pick n Pay, thank God my man had an evening work appointment and offered to do the shopping en route.

Can NOT wait to hit the couch. With remote in hand. A bit of Greys will go down well!


Betty Bake said...

i was so embarrassed to miss the library lift today - shock and horror from my daughter cause mom, why didn't you come? oh well - I'll have to be super nice to the teacher now so she doesn't think I'm a airhead!!!

wow u did even more driving than me!

i really want to sit and want dome house or big band theory but alas I'm off to make party packs!!! and wash dishes

Betty B x

Betty Bake said...

watch some house - excuse the bad typing
Mind mind just isn't with me today!

Stefanie said...

Mom's taxi and an opinionated daughter.
I totally get that...will give you notes on having a learner driver from the 29th of March.
Glad you chilled this weekend, it has been cooler this side the last 5 days so I am coping so much better.
We have an afrikaans book report due Friday - 80 pages...I can't even find the library cards and did you get the 80 PAGES?

Shayne said...

Remember the hectic week last week? All because we were away for the weekend and it gotr the week off to a crazy start. Not good. I so totally get you.

Weekend homework is the pits. But if it's a project and is given timeously (which they usually are) you can get to do them during the week. the prob is our kidlets forget to tell us until the evening before it's due.


Joanne said...

I broke out in a sweat just thinking about forgetting the library lift - cant tell you how much pressure that feels like and of course I have been there and 'done' that - the forgetting that is. Glad Hooli is all right as rain.

Ness at Drovers Run said...

Weekend homework blech. As for this whole thing about the parents having to get involved. Double Blech. Not that I don't want to help my kids, but geez, I have ZERO memories of my folks getting involved with my homework, and distinctly remember my mom saying, "I'm done with school, it's your turn now, deal with it." I'm starting to think there is wisdom in those words!

cat said...

Ai, jay, jay - that is not my favorite type of day. Although most of mine have a smack of that.