09 February 2011

More than Meets the Eye

Last night Honey and I had one of those evenings. You know the ones? Where you put them to bed and they ask you to please stay and chat for a bit? I confess that I am not great with the late nights chats but there was an urgency in her demeanour that caused me to pause.

The conversation was long and we covered significant ground but I want to leave you with two particular points she raised. I am not going to go into how I answered them; my thoughts on the question or how we got there. I am just going to share some of what was going on the the heart of this 9yr old that had me reeling - with both concern and wonder.


Honey: Mom, you know the bear from Toy Story 3 - Lotso? The one that smells like strawberries?

ME; Yes?

Honey : He says to Woody : " WE ARE JUST TOYS - WE ARE MADE TO BE BROKEN."
That is like us Mom. We are like Gods toys. We are just waiting to be broken. Either get sick, have an accident or just plain die.


Mom - you know the whole Adam and Eve thing in the garden? We can't really blame Eve because really if she didnt eat that apple the devil would have just tempted one of her kids or her grandkids. Eventually some generation would've done it.


This was an evening I will never forget. An evening where I began to see just how much can lie beneath the surface; a pivotal moment in my approach to parenting.


Grinleer said...

don't you sometimes just prefer the "should i wear shorts or a dress" conversation?
BUT, yes insight indeed!!! a deep little soul that one, be grateful she is talking to you and sometimes we just have to listen...

Stefanie said...

AS to the first it is NB to mention that while we have been created by God it won't ever be His intention to break us.
She's right though...totally on the nail.
This is what mothering is all about, being there, fielding the questions, listening and hugging.

lg said...

Sjoe. And so it begins... yes, atleast she talks to you and keep that going as I know you will.
Tough questions but I know you will find wise answers in a way that she will understand... or at least consider. xx

blackhuff said...

Kids see things so differently. My kids also have conversations like these with me and then they leave me without words. They see things so differently ...

pad said...

Goodness that is hectic girl!Serious wisdom required

Joanne said...

I see that God saw a reason to throw this question your way and not from one of my kids ;)

Marcelle said...

what a mind your child has....gosh!!!

Andrea said...

Goodness, what an INCREDIBLE little mind - WOW!

cat said...

Amazing insight. What a clever little person she is.