28 February 2011

New Beginnings

Monday - and a new start in a few areas:

1. I start my 10wk online studies with UCT distance learning crowd, GetSmarter. I am doing the Internet Marketing module which covers everything from web design&development to SEO, analytics and copywriting. Me thinks I am going to *love* honing my humble skills.

2. I also need to build in a few hours a week to help my bloke with his renewable energy business. The company is on *explosive* point and he really needs admin, capturing help. Nothing brain taxing but often it is the grungey everyday stuff that oils the wheels for the important stuff.

3. I have found the most *amazing* skincare range that has changed my skin completely. It's like I have had a facial peel or something. I strongly recommend checking out RegimA. I have an amazing skin professional that did an analysis and then sampled me on a day and night cream aswell as a cleanser.

I didnt have to fork our large sums of money until I was SURE the product worked. Within 3 days I was sold and now, 2 weeks later I am ordering the products andtelling everyone I know.

4. A new fitness program - I am going to join my bloke who is starting Body for Life again. We did it together years ago and it totally works. I am not *religious* about it but I find it easier to exercise with a goal. With this in mind I have also been part of an online fitness group hosted by Marcy - she has also set goals for us this month which I will be working toward.

I do feel more focussed, energised and excited by what lies on my plate in the coming months. I get MORE done when my shedule is full. I think most of us are like that huh?


cat said...

Oh you are sounding great and positive and everything I want to be .

Lynette said...

LOL! at Cat! You are sounding wonderful, I would never have the energy to do everything you are planning. You go girl.

allie. said...

Mind care; skin care; body care.
All in your sights
Great stuff.

No wonder you feel energised
I am totally up to try the skin care range.
Bring it.

Marcelle said...

Body for life really works, even if you dont do it 100% _ I have the book I should take a peep at the training schedule again....right now am just running and falling in between teaching and doing my own thing.

I will check out the skin range...I need a good facial and a peel....

lg said...

Sounds great Mel! Looking forward to catching up properly - it feels like ages since I last saw you.

Jacqui Bourne said...

Nothing beats being busy and feeling energised about things going on in your life! Here's to a great 10 weeks! Loving the sound of the skin care range - will have a look see if we have anyone here who stocks it.

Body for life sounds interesting - think I need to have a look at that too. Been contemplating getting a Pilates DVD as I need to do something and I don't do gyming at a stinky, sweaty, grotty gym - the one and only here in town.

blackhuff said...

Great to hear you are so focussed. That is what everyone need to succeed at what they are about to attempt. I am sure you are going to succeed in everything you've mentioned in the post by just being focussed.

Kirsty said...

is that skin stuff really really good? Pls PM me and tell me more, and also cost... I had a twangoo facial peel thingy and they recommended the regimA stuff to me, but I didn't buy it... maybe I should??? So - marketing chick: I challenge you then: sell it to me then...