21 February 2011

Randomness and Pontifications

Nee jislaaik. It is almost March! I swear time speeds up as you age. Really, tell me I am wrong?

A few bits n pieces:

1. My hair is growing. Truly it is. I saw someone recently who hadnt seem me in some time and they confirmed my suspicion. Yay.

2. Lulu is loving school and has lots of friends across Gr1 and Gr2. She makes me smile with her enthusiasm for all things school - reading, writing and just the *correctness* that come with being a new school-goer.

3. Honey is still sukkeling a bit but we are making progress. She is still loving school but I am going to make an appointment with a pyschologist just to help her through this speed wobble but am fully anticipating that we see daylight very soon. She is a remarkable, insightful child - just need wisdom to help her deal with all that she processes.

4. We have another opportunity on the table from Australia. Anyone who has been reading me since 2007 will know that this is a regular thing. So now we process and ponder and pontificate. Will keep you posted. For now we stay. :-)

5. I lost ( or someone stole) my running shoes. After 2wks I bought new ones. I dont like them but will have to suck it up I guess.

6. I was supposed to start with OMS again today. Didnt quite pan out so am hoping maybe next week.

7. Am trying to spin twice a week. Tough though because it is mind-numbingly boring AND painful. But it does yield results if you are diligent. Which I am not but I continue to try.

8. I am almost over my heinous cruise. I think Umshanti cured my from any thought of organised, package holidays ever again. (in that it showed me less is more!) I have booked a weekend away for us here for next month.

9. Hooli is fully recovered and now swanning around like Prince of the House as I think I may just have spoilt him during the drama of his operation and recovery. The girls are quickly reminding him of the pecking order so things should settle soon.

10. My girls are getting along really well. Again, longterm readers will know the HUGENESS of this milestone.

What little or BIG things are happening in your worlds?


cat said...

HI Mel,

I have caught up all my reading on your blog - so one comment(hope you do not mind)

I find I truly rest, get my mind to rest, in the camping/outdoors type place. Not the 5 star type thing. Simplicity is key. It is also where kids are at their happiest.

Ai, the curve balls of life - I just hold onto my mantra for the year - as light as a feather on the breath of God. We are all so vulnerable.

Little wins are so great - they actually mount to big pluses.

blackhuff said...

In my opinion, I think big things are happening to everyone. Not only these days but every day, you just need to be on the lookout for it. Why I'm saying this is that me & hubby also have some pretty big stuff happening at the moment. Like house buying in Cape Town :)

Lynette said...

Lots of info in this post;-D Life does speed up as you get older. Some say it is like a toilet roll, the closer you get to the end...the faster it goes:-)

I am so over the "big" things and prefer the little things that happen in my life.