04 February 2011

The Week that Was

It has been a week. I am very very happy to have it behind me. Most of you are friends of mine on fb so you will know that Hooli's biopsy results came back clear. You can all imagine my relief.

He is still at home with me even though he could go to school. He isnt really keen because everyone is treating him with kid-gloves and he isnt big on that. He wants to run around, climb trees, scale the climbing wall and play helicopter pilot in the big tree. Suffice to say the teacher isnt to keen on *any* of that before he has had his post-op consult. (and neither am I!)

So we have taken to just arbing out at home. Literally just doing nothing but watching movies, playing endless games of Ludo and Uno, drawing and occasionally getting irritable with each other. ;-)

The weather is glorious today so we are going to head to the beach and meet my sil and nieces. Tomorrow morning early we are going head out to Mcgregs - we are all in need of some r + r and luckily we dont have to go far (or spend much!) to find it.

Happy weekend peoples.


Hayley said...

Oooh nice...enjoy!

clare said...

Sounds glorious, enjoy. x

Shayne said...

Thrilled to hear he is on the mend and spending some chill time with his mama.

Yup, it's been *a week* for me too. I'm glad it's over.

Have a divine time in McGregs. xx

Stefanie said...

Today it is 28 at my house, yesterday was 39 and Tuesday 36C. I don't do the heat...you know that.
Loved your comments though, thanks for making my day.

Lynette said...

I am so glad he is recovering so well...enjoy your weekend in McGregor!

Marcelle said...

Happy Happy Happy your little monkey is well...such great news!!

I miss the good weather...so enjoy and think of me when you feel its tooooo hot...:)

cat said...

Glad he is doing well and got the all clear. Enjoy the weekend.