13 February 2011

Weekend in Umshanti

We headed out to Umshanti on Friday afternoon to join a large group of friends for a weekend of sun, river swimming and relaxation. Our friend, K, had booked out the entire resort so everyone there was pretty much part of our crowd.

Hooli really got into the drumming vibe.

The littlies had to wear lifejackets as the water is very brackish and dark.

I packed one tiny bag (my gym bag) for all 5 of us. I took a book each, some cards and drawing kit for the kids. We met new and very interesting people. We had long chats about meaningful stuff into the wee hours around a camp fire. We spent lazy hours floating around the river. We ate, we siesta-ed, we relaxed and we laughed. Some of us (lulu) cried as the new experiences were at times overwhelming. (like all 5 of us paddling on a kayak up a 1m wide channel to a large waterfall!)

Loving the freedom on the water, Lulu finally adapted
and didnt yell when we left shore.

I think I made have rediscovered the old (or young) Mel. The one who loved to camp, hike and be in the great outdoors. I lost her a little bit when my children were very young. It is not my idea of relaxation waking up at 3am in the sticks. Changing nappies and breastfeeding one kid while having to figure out how to get the toddler to the ablution block before she wees in her sleeping bag ... :-(

Hot chocolate with marshmellows around the fire.

Honey almost turned me grey coming down this 70ft zipline!

Breakfast on the barge while the fuffi sliders fuffi slide.
I mistakenly thought that I had morphed into a high maintenance 5-star kinda lass but am rather relieved to say that I *truly* relaxed on this weekend more than any other holiday. (my foray into organised cruises being a recent case in point as to the horror of 5-star holidays!)

See? Crazy hair and no make-up!

Nothing like tea and rusks in the great outdoors.

We cannot wait to go back - and have booked for next month at a neighbouring resort! :-)


Return to norway said...

Looks Great and u Look fab without make-up :)

Lynette said...

Crazy hair and no make-up...looking fabulous, rested and happy.

Lovely photos Mel.

Hayley said...

I so get you...these are my kinda holidays too. It looks spectacular there!

blackhuff said...

Canoeing, such fun!
Looks like you all had a wonderful time, very jealous here ;)

I'm so not a blogger said...


Marcelle said...

Sounds like a perfect holiday place...perfect to relax and unwind....
Your photo's are awesome...love the ones with the kids overlooking the view...

Andrea said...

Like I said on FB...looks like pure perfection to me xxx

Karen said...

Haha! We've stayed at Frog Mountain - gorgeous, great for my little kids, farmy and rural. Sweet little pool: but be warned, only one room and kids sleep in a loft above you - their balcony looks over yours i.e. not so much privacy ;) And if they sleep before you, it means lights out for the whole rondavel. And perhaps you like spiders, but me? I was freaked out by the large one that fell from the rafters onto my pillow! But it's pure FUN!