30 March 2011


I have written up 3 blog posts this morning.

And deleted 3 posts this morning.

They are all so dull and boring and disconnected.

I think I should just keep quiet today.


29 March 2011

School, projects and reports

Yesterday Honey had a project due. She was given it about a month ago. It was in the form of a diary and she had to choose her character from 1670's or something; living life at the Castle of Good Hope. They had to talk about how they got there, what they wore,ate and generally their daily life.

It was a doff project in my opinion. It irritates me when they have to do dumb meaningless things. But annnyyyywaaaaay....it had to be handed in yesterday.

She wasnt finished. She still had to colour her title page and write some screed on the last page about something I cant remember. She freaked and said she wasnt going to hand it in and would finish it that afternoon. I told her if she left it at home on purpose I would bin the thing and she would get zero.

She handed it in; she got 78% for it but would have gotten 90% if she had put more effort into it. (her teacher told her this). She has learnt a valuable lesson.....

Mama aint doing your projects darling.

Apart from that little drama both girls received outstanding reports. I honestly could not ask for anything better (except perhaps completion of said project....but a far more valuable lesson was learnt in this instance).

This was Lulu's first school report and I have been amazed at how she has settled into school life and excelled academically.

We are so proud of them both.

24 March 2011

Insightful Lulu

My middlest one, Lulu, is in Grade 1. Part of their homework, a couple of times a week, is to come home and practise the new letter they learnt that day.

Yesterday she came home and practised writing out her 'k' . Another part of the exercise is to look for pictures that begin with the 'k' sound. It is all about phonetics at this point, not spelling so we look for anything 'k' or 'c'.

I left her to it as I was making lunch for everyone. When I popped my head in to check on what she was doing I found her pasting this picture in her book.

Before you scroll down - tell me what you think her 'k' sound word is when she looked at this picture. I had to ask her.

Committed. Her words to me: "They are committed to each other, hey Mommy?"

I love this sensitive little soul who is such a romantic at the ripe old age of 6.

23 March 2011

Meme time!

Age: 38. And no, I am not afraid of being 40.

Bed size: king. I love sharing a bed but do need my own space *some* of the time.

Chore you hate: grocery shopping. yeah. no surprise there huh?

Dogs: One, cross-bred lab/retriever. She is a gem; a rescue from the Karoo Animal Society.

Essential start to your day: just getting out of bed on time is considered a major victory. there is no pattern...i get up. depending on the time I either waft or fly.

Favorite color: depends on my mood but it is not pink okay?

Gold or silver: not a fan of either.

Height: 1.63cm

Instruments that you can play: the guitar. pretty badly but well enough to teach my kids!

Job title: Chief Whip Cracker.

Kids: 3

Live: Large and ignore the bowl.

Mom’s name: Um, relevance?

Nicknames: Mel, Melly when I was little. Dont try that now unless you are related to me.

Overnight hospital stays: 3x caesarians and 1x overnight when Hooli was 5wks old.

Pet peeve: invasion of personal space. or hovering behind me when I am on my laptop. Dont do that.

Quote from a movie: Some things are true whether you believe them or not. -City of Angels-

Righty or lefty: Right

Sibling: 3. All awesome.

Time you wake up: As late as possible.

Underwear: um...no. not NO as in none. Just NO as in TMI for this blog.

Vegetables you dislike: cooked carrots are simply disgusting.

What makes you run late: everything from not finding my bag, cellphone, shades, garage remote to remembering that the dog is still in the house.

X-rays: Mouth, back

Yummy food you make: Trick question?

Thanks to Ness for starting this game (for me, anyway) - please play along!

22 March 2011

Just Keep Swimming

I should be in my car on the way to grocery shop but I hate that so am procrastinating. I am going to flying through there in 20minutes wondering why I leave everything until the last minute....but procrastinate I will!

All well here, great long weekend. Apart from the crappy Rango movie. What the heck were they thinking hey? The ugliest characters with the most macabre story line. Nee man. Dont bother taking your kids. Its yuck. Although my kids did say they enjoyed it....go figure.

I also saw the Reese Witherspoon flick - How do you know? Hmmm, she is pretty and I like her but the movie is flakey and Owen Wilson is annoying.

I have also been working hard on an assignment that is due today. Module 4 has also been released so am starting work on that today because we are going away this weekend so I dont want to be weighed down by studies.

Tis hectic but tis all good here. School holidays are almost upon me and i cannot wait.

Did you notice how flippin dark it is at 0630 now. Sjoe, getting up is getting harder to do.....

>>>>>>>>>>>m.u.s.t go buy food now <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

16 March 2011

Kids Conversations

We got stuck behind yet another learner driver today. It is becoming a pattern...Hooli picks out L drivers like I pick out awesome shoes; with ease.

Hooli : I dont want to learn how to drive.

Me : Why not???

Hooli : I dont want to drive slowly. Ever. So I dont want to be a learner.

Me: But everyone has to learn sometime.

Hooli : No, I just want to drive fast. Like you.


Chatting to Honey about a scene in Glee where she realises one of the girls is pregnant by one of the (duh) boys.

Honey: Are they married?

Me : No, they are at school.

Honey : Hmm, but she is pregnant?

Me : Yes, she is. (feeling weary and realising I should
have changed the channel faster)

Honey : Ooooohhh.

Me: um?

Honey: I KNOW how she got pregnant! I know!

Me: Yes?

Honey: She kissed that boy waaaayyy too long.

I know, I know. But seriously, do i have to tell her the truth just yet?

By the way - that question is rhetorical so feel free NOT to tell me when you think the se*x talk is appropriate. ;-)

14 March 2011

Weekend Hike

Weekend sped by as usual. Didnt quite make the departure time for the school hike so we went and did our own thing.

The hike turned out to be a good 2hrs and unfortunately the riverbed that we hiked to was dry....but it all turned out okay in the end.

The kids had such a blast - we had to drag the girls back but Hooli (aka Dash) RAN almost all the way back - I honestly cannot believe his stamina sometimes. The girls were gobsmacked that their 4yr old little boet put them to shame!

these two are getting along so well lately

I think what will always remain with me about this hike is the conversation between the kids whilst walking.

They each were posed the question (by Honey) as to whether they would like another sibling. They then, in turn, chatted through the pros and cons and unanimously decided that they thought we were good and done and complete.

Later, as it got hotter, Hooli commented that he was getting sweaty and Honey chirps:

"Thats good Hooli, it will show off your manly stink."

We all decided that this needs to become a weekly (I am quietly thinking fortnightly) tradition. Let us see how far into winter we can persevere. ;-)


And finally, allow me to introduce Message, Lucy, Buddy and Cuddles to you - our baby bunnies....Message is the grey one who we discovered first and Honey aptly named him. Lucy is the runt and the cutest little thing. Cuddles and Buddy have been rehomed and will leave us this week.

babies on the left, mommy and message middle, and Hooli feeds parents

I will be taking our male in to be neutered this week and will fix the babies as soon as they are old enough to be sexed - no more baby rabbits please.

11 March 2011

Weekend Plans

We are hoping to go a kid-friendly hike tomorrow morning. The school has a hiking club and they venture out once a month on a Saturday. To date we havent been great supporters as the convening time is 0830....not a time regularly seen in this household on a Saturday.

I am realising though that autumn is almost upon us and we need to get out and about before winter sets in. The kids thoroughly enjoy the outdoors and it is always more fun to do it in a crowd.

Am hoping to get a sitter so the man and I can get out and about on Saturday afternoon sans kids. He has been working/travelling very often of late and we really need some uninterrupted face time.

The Argus cycle tour is on Sunday so we will be going down to our main road and enjoying the party atmosphere with hundreds of other supporters - we have done this annually since the kids were babies - such fun.

What plans do you guys have?

09 March 2011

Midweek Rambles

I am not enjoying not blogging. My blog is my diary; I used to scrap book and now I blog. I am missing some epic stuff going on in the lives of children - I find myself thinking daily - I need to blog this moment...and then time slips away.

Hooli rides for the first time

I will be doing a photo show n tell post soon as I havent uploaded photees for ages.

Kirstenbosch, Sunday 6 March 2011 - thanks to Hooli

Bullets for now:

Week two of the Internet Marketing course - this week we are learning how to build our own sites. Great to have some creative mojo going.

Miss Lulu strutting her new boots and fav outfit

The girls both have had haircuts - they look very oulik with their matching bobs. Saves us at least 20minutes every morning.
Honey's teacher is driving me friggin bananas. She is so disorganised and scatty. Worse than any of us moms. And she doesnt even have kids of her own! Thankfully she is a temp so the regular lass returns in the second term.

I received a text from the parent of one of Honey's friends today...in response to our invitation for a playdate. I quote her response

" Yes, that is fine but I will be busy so you must bring her home."

Seriously? If I didnt like the kid so much I would tell her off in no uncertain terms.

What they do. A lot. Draw and write and create.

Our rabbits had babies. And we only discovered this yesterday. The babies are about 3wks old and uber cute. Four of them; of course my kids want to keep them all. Highly unlikely but not impossible. I am non-commital at the moment.

I am training with Mr OMS again. Yes, tis true. He and I are simply meant to be. I have shopped around cos he ticked me off a while ago but truth be told he just knows how the get the best out of me. All the other trainers I have tried simply make me hate them. I want them to shut-up and go away.

Lulu has stopped violin. Little tyke just had too much going on. I knew this would happen but am glad she came to the realisation herself...she is still excelling with her tap and riding. That is plenty for now.

The kids are putting on A Midsummer Nights Dream later this year (at the school). Honey is overjoyed as she auditioned for the role of Puck .... and got it. Incredible, I could not be more surprised. Clearly I know not my own child but I am so thrilled for her. Lulu also secured a little part as some mischievous fairy whose name escapes me. :-)

I finally received my new phone...HTC Wildfire. After months of missioning I finally tweeted and HelloPeter-ed my dissatisfaction with Vodacom. The next day I had the phone in my hand. Twitter has its uses people.

I am becoming increasingly annoyed with the type of school projects my Grade 4 is receiving. I think it is totally ridiculous what these teachers expect the kids (actually the parents) to do. I wish tweeting my dissatisfaction would work in this instance but alas, I doubt any of them are on twitter. I think I will have to call a meeting and round up all the Moaning Mommies and make a stand. Good luck to me. :-/

04 March 2011

Coming Up for Air

Okay, so maybe I bit off a bit more than I could chew....this week has been so full of all these new and exciting things I spoke of in my previous post.

This coupled with the demands of the SAHM has proven to be quite challenging BUT it is all good. Clearly the blog is suffering and I hope to remedy that soon - I just need to find a stride and pace that is going to work for the next 3 months.


Honey is doing really well, we never had to see a psychologist - we managed to work through things and she is styling. I am so proud of her (and me!) for weathering this little bump in the road.

Lulu has made some lovely friends - mainly older than her (Gr 2's and 3's) which surprises me even though I am not sure why. She is becoming quite the little social butterfly and is off to her second playdatet this week.

Hooli is doing good. He is beginning to sound out words and is showing remarkable artistic talent. I am always amazed when I realise I birthed these phenomenal, talented and astute little people. Clearly those DS24 vitamins *really* helped. ;-)

I am back with Mr OMS from today. Yay. I *need* him in my life. He is my go-to guy ito of getting back into a challenging training routine. I always think I can do it alone but I suck and I cannot.

This weekend is looking very quiet which is a good thing as I have a truckload of work today. I only managed to download this weeks module notes and assignment this morning. I have managed to do all the reading and watched all the videos....so now it is just a case of taking that and translating into assignment form. The content is really really exciting and I can see this is going to be a very stimulating course.

Right - dishes, washing and off to gym! Lekke naweek mense.