04 March 2011

Coming Up for Air

Okay, so maybe I bit off a bit more than I could chew....this week has been so full of all these new and exciting things I spoke of in my previous post.

This coupled with the demands of the SAHM has proven to be quite challenging BUT it is all good. Clearly the blog is suffering and I hope to remedy that soon - I just need to find a stride and pace that is going to work for the next 3 months.


Honey is doing really well, we never had to see a psychologist - we managed to work through things and she is styling. I am so proud of her (and me!) for weathering this little bump in the road.

Lulu has made some lovely friends - mainly older than her (Gr 2's and 3's) which surprises me even though I am not sure why. She is becoming quite the little social butterfly and is off to her second playdatet this week.

Hooli is doing good. He is beginning to sound out words and is showing remarkable artistic talent. I am always amazed when I realise I birthed these phenomenal, talented and astute little people. Clearly those DS24 vitamins *really* helped. ;-)

I am back with Mr OMS from today. Yay. I *need* him in my life. He is my go-to guy ito of getting back into a challenging training routine. I always think I can do it alone but I suck and I cannot.

This weekend is looking very quiet which is a good thing as I have a truckload of work today. I only managed to download this weeks module notes and assignment this morning. I have managed to do all the reading and watched all the videos....so now it is just a case of taking that and translating into assignment form. The content is really really exciting and I can see this is going to be a very stimulating course.

Right - dishes, washing and off to gym! Lekke naweek mense.



cat said...

Lekker naweek! GReat to see all are doing well. You asked a while ago what was going on in our lives as all dd not seem 100% - well, the blogpost is up.

blackhuff said...

Lekker naweek vir jou ook :)
I'm very jealous of you that you do this course. I too want to do it so bad but have to wait a bit for the finances to allow it in a couple of months.

Lynette said...

Great catch up post...and I am not at all surprised that your treasures are so talented and awesome...must be in the genes.

Lekker naweek bokkie!

Shayne said...

So glad to hear that all is well with Honey - i hate it when they're not coping and feeling so helpless.

YOu have a whack on yr plate - i think you need some serious time out! You are just like me, if i don't get alone time daily i start to frazzle from the inside out !