16 March 2011

Kids Conversations

We got stuck behind yet another learner driver today. It is becoming a pattern...Hooli picks out L drivers like I pick out awesome shoes; with ease.

Hooli : I dont want to learn how to drive.

Me : Why not???

Hooli : I dont want to drive slowly. Ever. So I dont want to be a learner.

Me: But everyone has to learn sometime.

Hooli : No, I just want to drive fast. Like you.


Chatting to Honey about a scene in Glee where she realises one of the girls is pregnant by one of the (duh) boys.

Honey: Are they married?

Me : No, they are at school.

Honey : Hmm, but she is pregnant?

Me : Yes, she is. (feeling weary and realising I should
have changed the channel faster)

Honey : Ooooohhh.

Me: um?

Honey: I KNOW how she got pregnant! I know!

Me: Yes?

Honey: She kissed that boy waaaayyy too long.

I know, I know. But seriously, do i have to tell her the truth just yet?

By the way - that question is rhetorical so feel free NOT to tell me when you think the se*x talk is appropriate. ;-)


Werner said...

Had to have a "mini" talk a few weeks ago. She is only 8, but some things were said at school and such and such. We skipped the mechanics, just brought the point across that mom and dad play a role and it is called s.x. She was thoroughly uninterested, just commented that she had heard someone referred to as "sexy". Sigh, if only I could preserve this innocence forever...

Ness at Drovers Run said...

*SilentlybeinggratefulIdon'thavedaughters*...For some reason I think that the age of 8 is probably appropriate. You want the right information IN, before they hit puberty - and in my case that was 11. So anytime between 8-10 I reckon is okay. But it depends. Rather get the right info in, otherwise WHO KNOWS what information they'll get by speculation. I remember a particular conversation involving feminine products shaped like torpedos, and speculation as to whether or not prolonged use led to pressure build up. Feel free to delete this comment. HA HAHAHAHA.

Marcelle said...

Gosh this is good, I had such a good laugh...

blackhuff said...

Kids and their sayings. Sometimes it can be so entertaining but sometimes they can make you "Uhm"

Lynette said...

LOL! They take your words away! I don't think you have to tell her the truth until she asks "those" questions.

I'm so not a blogger said...

I love their logic!
pity we have to grow up and lose that innocence

allie. said...

These 'kids sayings' posts are the BEST!
I was telling Dad about Hooli's remarks - we both were canning ourselves.
Lovely way to start the day.
So thanks.
And keep telling us about 'those'sayings, ok?