09 March 2011

Midweek Rambles

I am not enjoying not blogging. My blog is my diary; I used to scrap book and now I blog. I am missing some epic stuff going on in the lives of children - I find myself thinking daily - I need to blog this moment...and then time slips away.

Hooli rides for the first time

I will be doing a photo show n tell post soon as I havent uploaded photees for ages.

Kirstenbosch, Sunday 6 March 2011 - thanks to Hooli

Bullets for now:

Week two of the Internet Marketing course - this week we are learning how to build our own sites. Great to have some creative mojo going.

Miss Lulu strutting her new boots and fav outfit

The girls both have had haircuts - they look very oulik with their matching bobs. Saves us at least 20minutes every morning.
Honey's teacher is driving me friggin bananas. She is so disorganised and scatty. Worse than any of us moms. And she doesnt even have kids of her own! Thankfully she is a temp so the regular lass returns in the second term.

I received a text from the parent of one of Honey's friends today...in response to our invitation for a playdate. I quote her response

" Yes, that is fine but I will be busy so you must bring her home."

Seriously? If I didnt like the kid so much I would tell her off in no uncertain terms.

What they do. A lot. Draw and write and create.

Our rabbits had babies. And we only discovered this yesterday. The babies are about 3wks old and uber cute. Four of them; of course my kids want to keep them all. Highly unlikely but not impossible. I am non-commital at the moment.

I am training with Mr OMS again. Yes, tis true. He and I are simply meant to be. I have shopped around cos he ticked me off a while ago but truth be told he just knows how the get the best out of me. All the other trainers I have tried simply make me hate them. I want them to shut-up and go away.

Lulu has stopped violin. Little tyke just had too much going on. I knew this would happen but am glad she came to the realisation herself...she is still excelling with her tap and riding. That is plenty for now.

The kids are putting on A Midsummer Nights Dream later this year (at the school). Honey is overjoyed as she auditioned for the role of Puck .... and got it. Incredible, I could not be more surprised. Clearly I know not my own child but I am so thrilled for her. Lulu also secured a little part as some mischievous fairy whose name escapes me. :-)

I finally received my new phone...HTC Wildfire. After months of missioning I finally tweeted and HelloPeter-ed my dissatisfaction with Vodacom. The next day I had the phone in my hand. Twitter has its uses people.

I am becoming increasingly annoyed with the type of school projects my Grade 4 is receiving. I think it is totally ridiculous what these teachers expect the kids (actually the parents) to do. I wish tweeting my dissatisfaction would work in this instance but alas, I doubt any of them are on twitter. I think I will have to call a meeting and round up all the Moaning Mommies and make a stand. Good luck to me. :-/


Stefanie said...

Ok read through that all and have to know what the heck is Hello Peter-ed?
I thought I wanted to get a blackberry in April, do I?
Haven't ever heard of your HTC.
Steep learning curve and I need more Mel input.
It's been too many months. Who else will help me out of this rut?

Ness at Drovers Run said...

Tweeting has worked wonders for me. Seriously. I have gotten std bnk to do (and reverse) all sorts of erroneous charges etc. Hello Peter - also brilliant! As for the school projects - I am starting to feel your pain. WTH - my parents never helped me with stuff when I was at school, but then we never got given such stupid assignments either. I am also sick of the whole "Wear XYZ" to school today (necessitating a shopping trip). I fricking pay massive fees so that he can be in a uniform already damnit! :)

Shayne said...

I hate to break it to you gals, but the projects only become more and more tricky. Daniella is doing work now (Std 5) that I only did in Std 9. So prepare yourselves - and grumbling doesn't work either. I've tried.

Yes to Hello Peter & Twitter - def tools to get results.

Love that Hooli is riding on his own - so is Pollyanna - yay!

And gorgeous hair, and outfits - both seriously know what they want and not huh?

Marcelle said...

I love your little family....its the sort of family I can picture having a reality show ~ never a dull moment....thanks for the update...

Julia said...

Lovely post and pics. I also seriously HATE those projects and find most of them to be completely ridiculous. My sons teacher is also very scatterbrained. Worse than me. And THAT is saying something. I'm considering paying her a visit so we can get to the bottom of this once and for all. I may just recommend she go on Ritalin.

michelle gatley-dewing said...

I am so not going to be a moaning mother with you when you confront the teacher, buy I will be dying to know the outcome :) It will be very interesting to see the next term! Oops just remembered they need stuff for baking tom. Better get it now while I remember xx

lg said...

Ja, am with Shayne. Projects get more and more involved. These days alot of their marks are based on them. May as well get used to it. Sorry!! x

MelB said...

About the projects...i have no problem if they are age appropriate. Otherwise I will just do them all, they can get top marks and learn nothing.

Such wisdom in our education system

blackhuff said...

I so understand how you feel about homework - the things they expect my Grade 3 kid to do but it is actually for us as parents. Jeez!
Nice update.