14 March 2011

Weekend Hike

Weekend sped by as usual. Didnt quite make the departure time for the school hike so we went and did our own thing.

The hike turned out to be a good 2hrs and unfortunately the riverbed that we hiked to was dry....but it all turned out okay in the end.

The kids had such a blast - we had to drag the girls back but Hooli (aka Dash) RAN almost all the way back - I honestly cannot believe his stamina sometimes. The girls were gobsmacked that their 4yr old little boet put them to shame!

these two are getting along so well lately

I think what will always remain with me about this hike is the conversation between the kids whilst walking.

They each were posed the question (by Honey) as to whether they would like another sibling. They then, in turn, chatted through the pros and cons and unanimously decided that they thought we were good and done and complete.

Later, as it got hotter, Hooli commented that he was getting sweaty and Honey chirps:

"Thats good Hooli, it will show off your manly stink."

We all decided that this needs to become a weekly (I am quietly thinking fortnightly) tradition. Let us see how far into winter we can persevere. ;-)


And finally, allow me to introduce Message, Lucy, Buddy and Cuddles to you - our baby bunnies....Message is the grey one who we discovered first and Honey aptly named him. Lucy is the runt and the cutest little thing. Cuddles and Buddy have been rehomed and will leave us this week.

babies on the left, mommy and message middle, and Hooli feeds parents

I will be taking our male in to be neutered this week and will fix the babies as soon as they are old enough to be sexed - no more baby rabbits please.


blackhuff said...

It's always nice when one's children is getting along so nicely. Such a pleasure - glad to hear that your 2 girls are getting along :)
Looks like the hike was a blast. A good idea to make this a tradition. Also good for family time and building of relationships.

Kirsty said...

wahahahahaha! You do know now that you HAVE to have a 4th? Wouldn't want to spoil your kids by giving them what they want...ie: NOT another sibling :)
Mine are also keen on me NOT having another baby.
Those bunnies are tooooooo cute! I WANT one x

Marcelle said...

Love your family, its such a special one....
Love that you went for a hike with them...something I never did with my kids....lovely to share via the photo's as makes it more real for me.

I was one of the lucky ones to get introduced to the babies via Lauryn's BBM photo's!!

Andrea said...

I am planning to get my lot out and hiking this summer, it is such a lovely way to spend a couple of hours as a family over the weekend and gets rid of all the need for technology in our lives xxx

Lynette said...

You have your kids well trained to think that the family is perfect and complete.

cat said...

Looks like you had a great great hike!