11 March 2011

Weekend Plans

We are hoping to go a kid-friendly hike tomorrow morning. The school has a hiking club and they venture out once a month on a Saturday. To date we havent been great supporters as the convening time is 0830....not a time regularly seen in this household on a Saturday.

I am realising though that autumn is almost upon us and we need to get out and about before winter sets in. The kids thoroughly enjoy the outdoors and it is always more fun to do it in a crowd.

Am hoping to get a sitter so the man and I can get out and about on Saturday afternoon sans kids. He has been working/travelling very often of late and we really need some uninterrupted face time.

The Argus cycle tour is on Sunday so we will be going down to our main road and enjoying the party atmosphere with hundreds of other supporters - we have done this annually since the kids were babies - such fun.

What plans do you guys have?


blackhuff said...

Such a cool tradition you as family have to enjoy the party atmosphere of the Cape Aurgus Tour. Enjoy :)
I do agree - hubby and wife always need uninterrupted face time :) Enjoy that too.

Ness at Drovers Run said...

Heh - I have to laugh. There are so many things about my old suburb that I miss, however there are two things that I am actively glad I don't have to deal with...a)allergy overload from proximity to the TMNatPark (and all that fynbos), and the Argus...being trapped in my house for a whole day never really sat well with me - but then I suppose given that I lived there - sans kids - and then with a newborn - going out and enjoying it was never an option. It was always a case of a mad grocery shop the day before, then dvd's and chill time the rest of the day. :)

Charmaine T said...

Hey! Dis the supporting the Argus Tour today!!!! In Houtbay..... Was fabulous!!!!!

cat said...

Hop your weekend was good and went to plan.