18 April 2011

Books and More Books

My kids are voracious book lovers / readers.

Honey devours books. She is like me in that she is a nighttime reader...she doesnt read during the day but often I will find her, torch under the covers, stealing minutes instead of sleeping.

She also loves to *own* books. She likes to read them and then put them on her shelf. Sometimes she even writes a review about them!

It is, however, an expensive hobby! I have had to look at other ways to find books for her to own.

Enter 'Help the Rural Child' charity bookstore. What a treasure trove Hooli and I found in this store.

We found around 12 titles for under R150 - now that is a bargain. I also went to a bookstore in our area that was closing and found a wonderful series of books for tween girls at R5 each.

We now have a healthy library of our own and it should last us at least 6 months!


Shayne said...

We are all voracious readers. Bookcases to the ceilings in the diningroom and both girls have bookcases bursting at their seams. I love it.

And I don't mind spending money on books. Daniella reads and rereads, and obviously Olivia will read them too (i hope!).

Have recently discovered Loot, and their prices are quite good, plus no postage.

Ordinarylife said...

I am also a total book worm, and love to own books, however I am slowly overcoming that. It is difficult to own the book and a kindle....

Baby OL is still very little but LOVES books already. I am really hoping that she will love reading as much as I do and when it is about more than just the picture. She has a huge library already as I kept all my books as a kid.

allie. said...

I just love it when kids love reading! Prob'ly cos of the joy I got from it as a child (and still do).

What a find that shop is!
Where is it?

I'm so not a blogger said...

there is nothing better than finding a fantastic second hand book shop!

MacNessa said...

I'm also a big - 're-reader'. I almost wish I hadn't gotten rid of my childhood books (loved English boarding school stories, Mallory Towers/Trebizon etc), because I'm sure I'd still be enjoying them now :)

cat said...

We are also serious readers - including the kids. Lookign forward to Sanlameer's huge library.

blackhuff said...

Have hopped over to that website and it is such a cool project. Going to see how I can help. So cool, thank you for sharing.
That is so sweet of your child doing book reviews. So cute :)

Stefanie said...

Some of my favourite friends are books.
We coming south tomorrow and will try to visit the shop in Wynberg, thanks for that tip.
I love a great idea.

Hayley said...

Oh how awesome is that charity! love finding ways to help like that.

I used to love keeping shelves and shelves of books, but have decided if they can be used by other people, as opposed to gathering dust, i would rather them go some where else. I do keep some books tho, just the random ones i give away.