30 April 2011

Just Chilling Part Deux

 It was a good day. :-)

Setting up her world

Playing armies while waiting for paintwork to dry

Her completed scrapbook layout

Bedtime stories care of Honey - very precious.

Am now going to try get to sleep before 1am...something I havent managed to do since the man left town a few days ago. *yawn*. Not easy doing the single parent thing hey? I miss him muchly.


allie. said...

Lovely pics, Mel

Your kids are at a fantastic age and I love the way you are encouraging them in their creativity.

The last pic of Honey reading to her sibs is so heartwarming!

Lynette said...

Lovely photos my friend. They each have their individuality and it is wonderful how you are encouraging them in it. BTW...our kits arrived on Friday, I will post yours off on Tuesday and send you the tracking no.


Marcelle said...

Your children are always being so creative....wonderful...