11 April 2011

Let's Talk Courage

Have you ever been called courageous? I have. And I have laughed it off.

Truth be told, I am a coward. Many, many things scare the whatzit out of me. Most of them are things I make up in my mind and I hate that. I am very far from courageous or so I thought until I began to understand what courage really is.

  1. Courage can be asking forgiveness. Or courage can mean offering it.
  2. Courage can mean honoring your true feelings or openly accepting the feelings of another (no matter how uncomfortable those feelings are).
  3. Courage can mean asking a question. Or hearing an answer.
  4. Courage can mean facing the moment when it didn't turn out the way you had planned.
  5. Courage can mean allowing yourself to feel pain and then moving beyond it.

There are infinite ways to be courageous. Even when we feel lost and powerless. A great truth to teach our kids.

* based on and adapted from a list I found here


cat said...

Sometimes I feel very courageous, other times I am a total whuz. I am however trying to teach courage to the kids, as best I can.

Lynette said...

I know that I am strong...but I don't think I am courageous. Sometimes I don't even want to be strong...I just want to curl into a little ball and hide.

blackhuff said...

Oh yes. Courage can have so many different kinds of meanings and most definitely those that you have mentioned.

Shayne said...

I too have been called courageous and laughed it off, but reading through your definitions now some of them ring true of my personality.

Great post, thanks for putting this out there.

allie. said...

I have heard that courage is "doing it even though you're afraid"

If that is true, I think most of the women I know are courageous, specially the moms!