21 April 2011

Moms and Sons

(circa 2009)

What is it about little boys? I absolutely love and adore my girls but there is something truly unique about my affection for my son.

'Mom, when I grow up can I marry you?'


'Mom, when I am big I will build my house next to yours so
we can still be together okay?'

I never want to forget these tender moments with him because I know all too well that these will be few and far between in the years to come.

(circa 2011)

My heart is tied to this little man. Bless him.


MacNessa said...

My eldest, reminds me constantly, that all men are not selfish, stupid and insensitive. He tells me when I look nice. He notices when I have my hair done, or make an effort with my make up. He knows when I've got shoes on, that are "special" and not my regular trainers or blundstones. My theory is that guys become de-sensitized to women - by all the skanky ho's they take up with before they find the ONE. Any girl, who messes with either of my boys, will have me to deal with and it will NOT BE PRETTY. Boys are super special! I love mine to the ends of the universe and back again,

blackhuff said...

My son is just like yours :) And I too know so well that these moments are going to be rare in the future :(

Stefanie said...

These moments are not few and far between, they may change as they grow up but there is still a very special bond between a Mom and her boys.
I still have tender moments and my boys are bigger already.
Love them, bless them and feed them well.

Secia said...

So true. I adore Matthew too.. Boys are so affectionate and sweet... the other day he crawled into bed with me in the middle of the night... thinking i was asleep .. he snuggled up behind me and whispered "I love you mommy".

allie. said...

For yes, the special tie
And yes, the continuing tie

And *sigh*
for the way life gets in the way of it.

Andrea said...

Our boys are rather brilliant aren't they!

Marcelle said...

I can relate!!!!!!