20 April 2011

My Life Circa 2009

I wrote the post below in November 2009. The central idea remains the same but it is so interesting to read the fine print and see how my daily challenges have changed 18month later.


Within this last week I have had encounters/catch-ups with people I have not seen in a year or three. On both occasions I was asked the question that {now} strikes fear into my heart...

' So Mel, what's up with you, how are you spending time these days?'

Or my personal favourite...

' Mel - tell me something new and exciting in your life?'

In my former life I always had something going on. Something exciting, new and challenging. My life was always in flux; we were travelling, holidaying, changing jobs, meeting new people and a myriad of other *exciting stuff*.

Each time I am asked this question I pause and kinda grin (inside my head) and wonder if I should share:

  • that our home is now a nappy free zone but Hooli is still way keen on his tea bottle
  • that Lulu's aversion to change and pre-disposition to sensory overload has reared its head and making my life incredibly difficult.
  • that the sibling rivalry from Honey toward Lulu is at its worst and there are days I want to just lie down and weep.
  • that sometimes my anxiety around my kids health and future feels debilitating.
  • how I am happily managing to carve out an hour a day for me to just *be*
  • how my kids are finally taking their dirty dishes to the kitchen without me nagging (this has taken years!)
  • how having sliding doors on my car has changed my life
  • how Honey has progressed in confidence to the point where she was a finalist in a poetry competition and had to say her poem in front of the whole school
  • how having only ONE WELL BEHAVED dog has eased my stress significantly
  • how challenging it is to teach a boy to speak his feeling instead of moer-ing his sisters
  • learning to address constant teasing / jibing without feeling like a referee
  • how being a mom and wife is considerably more challenging than I had anticipated.
  • that sometimes the urge to be irresponsible and selfish is overwhelming
  • that seeing my 3 kids healthy and happy is probably my single greatest joy
  • that lying with Honey in the evenings, hearing stories from her day at school, has drawn us that much closer.
  • trying to show each kid that they are loved for who they are is not as simple as it sounds
Yes - all this stuff and tons more. Usually in one day. That is what makes up the fabric of my life now, but I dont ever say this. Of course not.

I just smile and say ..

"Ag you know, parenthood!"


MacNessa said...

Parenthood has it's moments. It's kickin' my butt at the moment. But then I've just started running, so everything else just fades away. (By running I mean the C25K - so it's VERY SLOW at this point).

cat said...

Ag Mel, yes. All sounds so familiar although I would love that hour a day for myself.

allie. said...

Mmm, lots of changes for good hey?

Isnt it great to have this to look back on and see PROGRESS!

Stefanie said...

Sounds so much like my life...except I still haven't got them to take their dishes away without nagging and reminding.

Lynette said...

Lots happening in your life my dear friend...and they grow up much quicker than you would think now.

Andrea said...

Can so relate to EVERYTHING about this post :0)

blackhuff said...

Those things sounds so familiar :)