10 April 2011

Of Weekends and Wonderfulness

Some weekends suck. And some weekends just rock. Fortunately this one was the latter.

It started out with an impromptu decision to get a sitter and head out to see The Kings Speech. I have been putting off seeing this movie because it looks boring. I go to the movies to be thoroughly entertained, to escape. I generally avoid movies that may actually educate me. ;-)

I had no prior knowledge of the story line whatsoever. I even packed my kindle (and smartphone of course) in case I got bored...I was extremely relieved to be thoroughly riveted from start to finish. If you havent seen it - GO.

Saturday morning found us doing a free family photo shoot with Fuji - loads of fun. The talented photographer really handled the kids well and got the best from them. As we left they gave me a viewing date and price list. Let us just say I will be popping back, getting my free framed print and waving them goodbye. (R3K if I just want the images on disc!)

Spent the better part of the day chilling at home, then took kids to the park and out for dinner....then another impromptu decision to go to the Kalk Bay Theatre. The kids were not impressed being stuck with a sitter two nights in a row but what a treat for us! We saw Love at First Fight - the best piece of live entertainment I have seen in some time.

Sunday morning we spent trailing various hardware stores looking for a particular type of fencing...no joy. We are building a separate enclosure for the bunnies to begin to put a stop to all the forn*ication going on in our yard!

We were all looking forward to seeing Rio in 3D this afternoon but the boys ended up going without us gals. Unfortunately, due to some rather dismal choices the girls made this weekend, we felt it best to relieve them of the pleasure of the movie this afternoon. Not fun for any of us but very necessary.

Despite that little blip we all had fabulous weekend! Now to try get over the horror of waking up at 0645 tomorrow morning and doing the school run....bleh.


Andrea said...

There must have been something in the air this weekend Mel, ours was also awesome...glad you had a good one!

James said...

watched The King's Speech on the plane - thoroughly enjoyed it!

James said...

PS ...it was me, Anne who commented...

MacNessa said...

Glad you guys had a good weekend. We did too. Met up with old friends in your neck of the woods at Cafe R. Wondered if I might bump into you!

Joanne said...

I have still not seen the kings speech for the same reason as you! plus of course the fact that movie houses in the countryside are few and far between and bloody expensive.

Sounds like you had a good weekend albeit w/o me xxx

cat said...

Great on you guys for two things - getting some adult time together and for standing your ground with the girls.

Shayne said...

Good on you for sticking to your guns re your girls. Kinda sucky to watch them feel so crap thou? But a good lesson learn't i'm sure by both of them!

I'm yet to watch the Kings Speech. AM useless at watching TV or movies. I must I must I must!

Great weekend darl x