13 April 2011

Random Updates


Studies are going very well, apart from the fact that I made a decision to abandon Assignment 6 to spend time with my family instead. It has been a very interesting look into the world of online marketing and has shown me a whole world I have been lusting to understand more. This week we are looking at Social Media and Viral Marketing.


All happy and settled. Honey has dealt with her fears/anxieties without the need for outside counsel. It was a real journey for the two of us to walk the road and I am sure it is going to be something that crops up from time to time. I have learnt so much about myself while trying to navigate her heart in this time.

They are all thoroughly enjoying the new scrap book area - the computer has been laid to rest in favour of paper and glue.


Baby bunnies off to pet shop today. Hooray, although they have given the kids hours of delight.

Photo Shoot:

We had a free photo shoot at fuji on Saturday and I viewed the pictures today. They are beautiful, energetic and really captured the joy of my kids. I walked away with my free photo and will consider printing something later this year. They do hold your prints for 12months.


We are busy digging up our yard and laying patios - one small one (more of a walkway) in front of the playroom and one large one outside the lounge. It has been a long time coming. It is all possible as we have done a trade exchange with our handyman....he gets our 1988 4x4 Nissan Patrol for doing all work listed (and there is a loooong list) . So we just supply him and he will work and work. And I will be smiling soon. We have been in our house for 5yrs this August and I have been a Patient Penelope waiting to get things finished.

The Man:

He is in a transition time. His renewable energy business is taking off fast and he has secured some really large clients. For all these years he has been working his *day job* and doing the renewable stuff on the side. It is becoming increasinly difficult to do this. Over the coming months he will be making the transition to cut down his consulting at the City of CT and move to spend more hours on Ruach Consulting. Exciting but scary stuff. I will be beginning to also transition from woman of leisure to 'woman of not-so-much-leisure' as I help him administratively with the business.

What's up with you?


cat said...

Oh my word, those bunnies are simply adorable. Busy this side - work is a nightmare but counting the days to the holidays.

MacNessa said...

Love your crafty area. Deffo want something like this in our next place.

allie. said...

Love this post too.

Isnt it great that the kids are loving drawing, painting and scrapping more than TV these days!?

Andrea said...

sounds like things are all good at the moment with lots of exciting things on the horizon....lovely to read xxx

Marcelle said...

Love the blog update on my friends life ~ poor bunnies ( says me who would have taken them to pet shop weeks ago ~ hehehe )
Great scrapping area you got going there...
Well done on keeping to the studies.

Lynette said...

Ruach (breath of God) consulting....stunning name.

Love the bunnies and the update.