19 April 2011

Tween Tantrums

I occasionally watch Super Nanny - that young british chick that gets kids sorted and parents back in control. I can honestly say that I have shed a tear or two as I have watched parents beyond themselves with out of control kids.

Yesterday all three of my kids watched with me. Riveted. It was such an interesting experience hearing their thoughts about the show. They clearly picked up the fathers favouritism for the young (out of conrol) daughter and his stern/angry demenour with his older son.

Funnily enough I had a rare supernanny moment of my own last night....

Honey was about to play computer games when I reminded her she had not practised her piano piece. She insisted she knew it (which she did) but I told her she has to practise daily. End of story.

The was much wailing, stomping and yelling. And then some more. And then the ineviatable

" You're the worst Mom, everrrr. I am not coming downstairs, everrrrr,
no matter how hungry I get!"

and then...

"And I am quitting piano. I hate it, you cant make me keep doing it."

After 10minutes (all I require for piano daily) I went upstairs and spoke to her calmly.
Within 5 minutes she was downstairs eating supper with a big smile on her face. The best part?

She spontaneously came up to me, gave me a huge hug and apologised for her behaviour.

I realise as she is getting older I am going to have to begin to respect her privacy - I wont be able to share stuff like this with my cyberbuds, but for now I celebrate these small victories that are the milestones for future success.


Shayne said...

Oh welcome to my world!

I hate to tell you this, but the tantrums get closer and closer together and it seems no matter what you say, you are ALWAYS in the wrong. Patience and prayer seem to have got me though it - by the skin on my teeth!

Good on you for waiting to calm down - it's so easy to fly off the handle right there and then and of course that just makes everything a million times worse!

cat said...

Ah Mel, I also hear those words - from a certain 6 year old and a 3 YEAR OLD!(C). Kids you not.

But I do believe in flexible boundaries.

MacNessa said...

I hear from a lot of friends who's kids are grown up already, that boys are harder up to puberty, and girls after puberty - purely because of the "you do everything wrong" thing that all kids seem to go through. As for Super Nanny that woman recharges my batteries for two reasons, I realise that a)I am not doing everything wrong and b) there is never any reason to lose my temper - otherwise the kid wins.

allie. said...

A stroke of genius letting the kids watch Super Nanny with you!

And letting them draw their own conclusions; seeing how ugly that sort of behaviour actually looks; seeing how sad it makes the parents etc.

I am so happy for you about Honey's response!
Moments like these make you feel all warm and wonderful.

Michelle Gatley-Dewing said...

Ha ha....just wait for the pre-menstral years!! I let my teen girls know when they due by their attitudes, as they don't always know!

MelB said...

My teenagers are going to be true gems - cooking, cleaning,studying, practising musical instruments, yes Mom, no Mom - you are awesome Mom.


Lynette said...

Oh Mel...you made me laugh out loud with this last comment...all I can say is "We shall see"

BTW the kits shipped on Friday...will let you know when they get here.