30 May 2011

Autumns Over Baby

Winter has arrived with a flourish in Cape Town. Pouring rains and howling winds have sent many running for cover. Must say I am always amused at the way capetonians respond to winter...its always with such surprise, like :

WHAT?? Its raining! Omicat, what are we going to do? 
Definitely have to drive 30km/h and stop for no reason to try find the windscreen wipers.

I dont really mind winter as long as I am able to avoid being whiplashed by rain. The combination of gale-force wind AND rain kinda makes me grumpy. I plan my days carefully. Underground parking always taken into consideration.

That being said I did not go run today. There were breaks in the rain but I just dont have warm enough running gear. My little skorts and tank tops will NOT suffice. 

I went into New Balance today to get some winter stuff and almost fainted at the prices...long running tights R350, long sleeve winter running tee R250 and water resistant running jacket R450.  

I have to say though that after using proper sports stuff I can never go back to the generic Edgars, Mr Price stuff. Nuh uh. I need the real deal. It just means I will have to budget for said 'real deal'. There is no comparison in the fabrics used - the sports technology in clothing today is phenomenal.

Yes, I bought the tights. I had to. For now I can wear a tshirt, a long tee and a hoodie while I run but I need LONG stuff for my legs!!

I am planning on doing this (at least once)) in July so I need to get out there, come rain or shine, hence my sudden rush to get suitable attired for grotty conditions.


Kirsty said...

The ONLY thing I love about the Highveld winter is.... no rain! Gorgeous sunny days with clear blue skies. But - OMW, when the sun sets... the bone shattering cold in the thin air of this altitude that is Jozi.... it sux! And running up here in winter?? Lungs feel on fire baby!
If you have a Nike factory shop in CT - then its worth a look at their winter running gear... some good bargains! Otherwise... I'll take you there when you come to Jozi ;)

Julia said...

You are a BRAVE lady to exercise outside!

cat said...

Gosh, I experienced the Cape Town winter for the firs time last year and it was so cold. Although I think it is colder here at night, the never warming up mid day was tough. Enjoy the running brave girl.

Wendy said...

I bow to you - I don't run but take a my hat off to anyone who does it in winter.

blackhuff said...

You're not the only one who feels that proper sports clothing are expensive but I do agree that sports gear need to be proper if one want to train proper.
I like what you bought. Enjoy exercising with it :)