17 May 2011

Blog Re-Working

Hey, tis true, all my kids are at school and my man is at work.

Hooli is well on the mend, even went to swimming yesterday arvie. Am very glad I avoided those icky antibiotics! Lets hope for a good run the rest of winter.

I am LOVING CT weather at the moment, am re-evaluating my summer passion - ---- the wind blows a gale in summer here, am thinking of defecting to autumn as my new favourite season.

Been thinking a bit about my blog and have decided to put more of me in here....I know this is for my kids but I am SURE my girls (and maybe my boy but probably not) would love to know more about me. In terms of what I wore, where I went, how I spent my time, what i think about, things i love and things I hate etc etc. I know I would LOVE to have something like a blog book about MY mom at this age - how cool would that be?

Do you ever ponder the content of your blog? The direction? What to put in and what to leave out? 

In the past I ran two blogs : One for kids :Five-Browns and one for me : Simply-MelB (and later, LGN) . So I have decided FiveTribe will be a conglomeration of the three. It will be a typical momblog - stories from my life featuring all of us.

It just means I may have to censor them from reading these books til they are a bit older!



Stefanie said...

I love that you're flexible and "that's how you roll"
I blog because I like to, I think while I type and maybe they'll read it later and maybe they won't. Being private has helped me in knowing that all my info isn't just out there.

Hayley said...

I am rethinking my blog aswell...just small changes.
I like that you are going to combine them.

Marcelle said...

Glad H is doing well and I totally agree with the antibiotics...hate them...only when you really really really need them is it okay.
I never knew this as a young mom....

I hope the wind is not going to blow when hubby is in CT for late Dec/Jan...I need him to fall in love with the place....:)

I also wish I knew more about my mom and my gran's day to day life...so wonderful gift you will give your children for the future.

cat said...

Oh do say more - I would love to read more, but I think your kids would too.

cat said...

BTW - I just realized that you, Shayne and I all own the same Woollies top - must say something about us, stylish girls.

I'm so not a blogger said...

love reading all, combining is good:-)

Lynette said...

I always smile when I read a post like this. We are always adjusting our blogs...but blog we must!!!!

I would love to read more about you and it is kinda cool that you are going to keep it all in one place.

Joanne said...

A combination sounds good. I deliberate regularly - probably more than I actually blog which is not difficult. I would love mine to say more about what I think but I know people would take that the wrong way :(

Marcelle - you can guarantee the wind will blow Dec/Jan sorry unless you book yourself into a gorgeous b&b in upper constantia

Ordinarylife said...

I think combining them is good. And I am sure your kids would love to read it as they get older. It should mabye be something I think about doing for Baby OL