17 May 2011

Kid Friendly Food

Hells bells! A foodie post by a foodie-phobic mom. Who would have thought hey? But I am qualified to pour forth my wisdom - do you know why? No? Let me tell you....tonight, at dinner, young Honey spoke these words :

Mom, every meal is like a jewel!

Okay, I am not sure the analogy is correct cos she wasnt inferring my food is hard, tasteless and bound to break your teeth. On the contrary, her inference was that each meal is special and noteworthy.

Over the last days/weeks I explained the concept of the five (pref more) portions of fruit/veg to my children. I have explained that that means, at a minimum, they have to consume 1 portion at school, 2 at lunchtime and 2 at dinnertime.

Blow me down if they didnt just lap it up and accept it. No drama about what I serve; it is a done deal. I am amazed.

Look, I am not aiming at siff stuff like cauliflower and brussel sprouts here. I am starting with palatable easy options including things like tomatoes,mushrooms, cucumber, carrots, peas, potatoes, corn, spinach and potatoes. They also love brocolli if I serve it correctly - as in NOT cooked but in a salad form.

I leave with you a brocolli salad recipe I nabbed from a good friend a few years ago - good luck with getting your sprogs on board!

You will need:   Raw, washed brocolli, cucumber, natural yoghurt/mayo and fresh ginger.

  • Chop brocolli very fine - discard the yuck stalky part and chop the heads.
  • Chop up the cucumber into medium slices and quarter or 1/8 them depending on your kids palate preference
  • Mix half mayo and half yoghurt together and grate as much ginger as desired.
  • Add black pepper for the adults!
Feel free to post your favourite VEGETABLE kid-friendly recipe in the comments. Let's help each other out.


cat said...

My 6 year old will eat anything - and loves veggies. Every mom's dream. Apart from bananas - does not like them. The boys, C is ok. L refuse veggies but loves fruit. So, I hide veggies. I will publish my meatballs recipe asap - contains 2 veggies, yogurt and lentils so super healthy and all the kids love it.

Stefanie said...

I hide everything except the carrots, broccoli and green beans that they will eat as it, in soups and stews. In potjies I smoosh chickpeas up and then add them in to lower the cholesterol and thicken the sauce.

Lynette said...

What a stunning compliment! I see my children stuggling to get their children to eat veggies...and I just smile and remember me struggling with them about the exact same things...lol...history repeats itself.

Laura said...

Kiara is so much easier to get fruit and veg into than Cameron. She will eat a whole broccoli with her dinner and gulf down veggie soup.

Cam not so much. He actually will pull the peas out of the mince/stew/whatever!!!!!

Wendy said...

Aaah, the veggie thing. Suddenly, my youngest moans about all veggies so his brother says pile 'em on my plate. I think they go through stages. I love broccoli in balsamic vinegar. Hmmm ... think I'm going to give your recipe try though :-)

I'm so not a blogger said...

Bean loves broccoli so will give your recipe a go.
I hide veggies, but lately she seems to be more partial to trying things before the dreaded ' I don't like it, mom' comes up.

Shayne said...

Olivia loves veges - she askes for them daily. Daniella not so much, but she eats them.

Will def give this a try. Trying to think of any veg recipes i have - have you tried sweetcorn fritters? Those are dead easy and hot out the pan are yummy (if yr kids like sweetcorn of course). x