16 May 2011

A New Week

Was woken early to the sounds of a small person using my bathroom. :-(  Hooli's tummy still isnt lekker. Thankfully he is well in all other respects - eating A LOT, drinking and full of energy. This is making it tough for me to keep him home though cos he is getting very bored. I am just not happy to send him back to school,for his sake and the sake of his classmates.

Doc has recommended taking him off all diary again as sometimes, after a bug, a bout of lactose intolerance can occur. It this doesnt work I will haul out the antibiotic big gun. Really hoping to avoid that. For now we use Petrolyte, Reuteri and Rehydrate!

The weekend was a bit miffy. I think my head was a bit done in from a hectic week with kids/husband occupying all my time. Am not a FANTASTIC nursemaid long term. Not one minute on my own in 7 days can make me loopy. And dangerous to be around. Sunday arvie saw me flip out a little and my family scattered into various corners of the house - trying to be invisible. :-)

I decided to go to gym today for my sanity despite the fact that Hooli is still home. I asked my char to come a little earlier so he could stay home. It was a good decision - I think the family will be safe from me this afternoon.



Marcelle said...

You need ME time....I know I would!!!

MacNessa said...

Ag no, sorry to hear about his tummy issues. My youngest also has 'lingering' symptoms after he's been sick. I'm sure they'll grow out of it :)

Shayne said...

Shame man, sorry to hear Hooli still isn't well.Good on you for avoiding the antibio thing - i would have caved by now.

So hear you on the me time thing - you and me both!

I'm so not a blogger said...

7 days without some me time, I would of been a very scary person by day 5.max!
hope he gets better soon soon:-)

Andrea said...

Glad to hear Hooli is on the mend if not quite quickly enough for your sanity...I can so relate, I am FAB for the first 48 hours and then it rapidly goes downhill from there lol
Thinking of you and the fam

Julia said...

Shame man. Sorry that your boy is not doing too well. I would also have gone bos by now. Cannot possibly do without some alone time. Am not a very good Florence either. Hope all your patients are hundreds in no time.

Joanne said...

Sounds bloody horrendous, sorry I cant help but you know I would hey? xxx