25 May 2011

Officially All Grown Up

It happened some time last month.
I wrote an email.
She responded.

And then it was delivered yesterday.
All this stuff. That I paid money for.
Money that I could have spent on shoes.
Or lattes.

The proof of my adulthood?

My very own tupperware.



Shayne said...

Welcome to Adult hood mel ;)

I have to admit i love my tupperware. My walk in pantry cupboard is decked out from top to toe the space savers i think they're called (and labelled too- don't laugh).

The best thing is that they have a lifetime guarantee. So no matter what happens, they'll replace it. quite handy that.

I'm so not a blogger said...

Love it!!

Lynette said...

Shayne the lifetime guarantee does not help you any..when you have boys that use it to cut out parts for their motorbikes and some of your containers end up under the car full of old oil when the cars gets serviced.

Mel...shoes would have been a winner;-)

MelB said...


Lynette, i have decided to buy shoes to celebrate my 'coming of age'.

Lynette said...

If there was a "like" button...I would have clicked it;-)

Julia said...

LOL..Love it. And I love that you went out and bought some shoes to celebrate your coming of age. You rock!

Laura said...

Tupperware is my BEST thing ever!

When I left my ex it was the only thing I took with - I sommer took all the food in them aswell. I spent months building the collection and wasnt about to leave it - he could have everything else :)

Michelle Gatley-Dewing said...

spring cleaning. cooking elaborate meals. Now the tupperware. You are now officially a stepford. welcome Cath.

cat said...

I love Tupperware. Those 3 coloured bowls - one of my best buys ever. I use them as mixing bowls when I bake, store Watermelon, take salad to friends.

Marcelle said...

I love my tupperware....but have not seen them being sold here besides once when I went to a party...You all grown up girlfriend...