26 May 2011

Pressure, but not Mine

I have been amazed at children's ability to absorb the amount of stuff required of them. Not just my kids but those of my friends aswell.

To give you some idea of what is in Honey's immediate future (ie next 10 days)

  • Technology project
  • Poetry competition
  • Assessments begin (daily revision required)
  • Violin recital
  • All words to be memorised for role as Puck
  • Play rehearsals twice a week 
Bearing in mind her regular violin, piano and swimming commitments.

Honey is completely unstressed. I, on the other hand, am feeling some pressure because we all know who is responsible for making sure everything gets done! Fortunately a wise woman (my sis) reminded me to take it in MY stride (like my daughter) and just stay calm and postive about it all.

How do you guys deal with school pressure as parents?


Marcelle said...

So glad my days are over as I could never cope today.
I admire all you young moms out there and the poor kids, the pressure!!

lg said...

You'll be amazed at how well you handle. I know it sounds mad, but try and enjoy it. xx

Stefanie said...

I just roll with it. Hurry up and wait and try to remind myself that this is for a season and the reason I am a stay-at-home Mom so suck it up.
Then when I do feel myself unravelling there is always Anita to have a latte with, tv to watch, chocolate to eat or a kitten to cuddle - course you could throw some exercise in there too.

blackhuff said...

I sometimes wonder if the schools don't put too much pressure on the kids these days. So much homework, assignments, etc. My kid is struggling, I can tell you that much. I do understand why they get so much to do because of how fast life these days are - maybe to prepare them of what comes after school. Sad to think that kids are missing out on so much we as children have experienced.

MacNessa said...

I know the pressure you feel, as the person who knows what has to get done, but I think one needs to step back and hand over more of the responsibility to the kidlet ultimately. Teach them the skills to cope, (list making and ticking off etc) but then leave it up to them. You can always hover and assist, but don't take it all on yourself. I keep learning this with my eldest, the more I expect him to remember his own stuff, the more he does.

MelB said...

Yeah, I took a deep breath and realised in the scope of life none of this is important. :-)

The POINT of this post is that HONEY IS NOT STRESSED. I dont think there is any pressure on her at all - I think kids cope way better than we do.

Ito of handing over responsiblity - I have to say I do that pretty well. My kids do there homework independently.

I need to realise that to them all this is FUN AND EXCITING. Not overwhelming and draining. Good lesson in perspective. :-)

cat said...

Mini freakout for me. I have no idea how I am going to handle it when we get to that stage.