21 May 2011

Seven Years Later

Happy birthday to my Lulugirl.

Every year with you is like a roller-coaster ride. Some days I am nauseous and some days I woo-hoo with joy! There is very little predicatability about you; from your sense of style to your sense of humour. It can change like your mood, in a heartbeat.

The few consistencies are your senstivity, your ability to endear yourself to everyone and your love for the arts. Few things make you happier than immersing yourself in some sort of creative endeavour.

Today I asked you what you are going to be when you grow up:

I think I will be an artist. 
Or a world famous pianist or recordist, if I keep playing recorder.

(fyi - she doesnt play piano or recorder. Yet.)

We look forward to many breathtaking rides on this journey of life with you Lulu. We love you endlessly and then some more.


Lynette said...

Happy Birthday to your gorgeous little girl. Her dress sense says so much about her individuality. Beautiful tribute Mel.

Marcelle said...

Lulu is a total gem...such an unusual name for a very different little girl...she is special, its written all over her face...her style...she stands out...Encourage that spirit she has to grow ~ she does not have to conform!!
Happy Birthday Lulu...xx

Hayley said...

Beautiful post Mel!

Elizabeth said...

Hey Mel, just thought I'd stop by for a visit and say thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment.

Shayne said...

Just beautiful xx

allie. said...

Lulu is sitting next to me on the couch, drawing.
She seems to be loving the "Learning to Draw" book she got this morning very seriously.

We've had a great time together this arvie.
She is an original alright - a real gem.
Thanks for lending us your children today, Mel.
They are so special.

Wern said...

You are beautiful and one-of-a-kind indeed!

Laura said...

Happy happy little lady.

She sounds very much like my 7 year old little madam :)

cat said...

Oh she is beautiful! That photograph is stunning. Happy Bday dear Lulu.

blackhuff said...

Congrats with your birthday, Lulu and to your mom and dad who's little girl have turned 7.