02 May 2011

Three is Better Than One

My girls slept over at their cousins last night. Hooli was supposed to join them but he is snotty,  they have a very young family and have all been ill recently I decided not to send my snotty son their way. Hooli was not amused and kept insisting he isnt sick (which is true) but I had to explain the story to him and promise his turn would come soon...the kids LOVE sleeping out at family.

We spent the evening, chilling on the couch watching 15 episodes of Tom and Jerry. His dvd pick for the evening. I must say T&J still rock and they are 66 years old!

My little revelation for the day? Having one child (especially the last child) at home is FAR MORE TOUGH than having all three home.

I had not realised how much he relies on his sisters for company, support and assistance in his every day life. I have heard:

Mom, I need help (when on the computer)
Mom, please get me juice
Mom, please watch this with me
Mom, please sit with me
Mom, I am bored
Mom, I miss the girls
Mom, come here
Mo-o-o-o-oo---ooom, where are you?

these two are tight

We are off to adventure this morning and will fetch the girls at about 1430. I have thoroughly enjoyed my one-to-one time with him but severely underestimated the power of the kid-clan.

FH beach

Am ready to have my tribe back again! And not just because its easier....but because it just feels like home.


Lynette said...

I so get that. I see when how much easier Lukas is when Leane and Dewan are around. When he is on his own he wants constant attention.

Marcelle said...

Mom was left with her boy!!!!!!
Looks cold on FH beach...but hear it was a good 28 degrees in CT yesterday.
your kids are all so interesting ~ love hearing all about the things they say to you.

Kirsty said...

Oh - I so agree! Whilst I will confess - banging out 3 babies in 4 yrs was hard work for the 1st 2 years after no.3 was born..... I am now reaping the rewards! Hubby and I are not our childrens playmates - they play together :)
Hope your family will all be as one soon x x x

MacNessa said...

It might be that it's a boy thing too. My boys tag-team with each other to try and keep me 'doing stuff' for them, I'm almost sure of it!

Shayne said...

Have to admit that that was a concern of mine and why i considered having another after Polly. But she has learn't to play well on her own when she needs to and has a whole cupboard full of imaginary friends.


blackhuff said...

You know what? Now that you're mentioning it - my little girl is also so dependent on her older brother. I can so experience it when she's home alone with us.

cat said...

Funny how that works?