24 May 2011


The school run went well. No drama this morning or at drop-offs.

I decided to do what I want to do today. 

So I made breakfast and watched The Kardashians.

Then I made a fire.

And started watching Fame - the 1980's version.

But thought it best to put a load of washing on - cos my char comes to iron tomorrow.

And maybe square up the kitchen and take meat out the freezer.

Oh, and get the kids worksheets/activity sheets printed for this afternoon.

And maybe I should be getting some exercise as the sloth is growing into beast inside me.

I would run but its freezing and raining so its the Trek to gym for me shortly.

Lovely not to have to chase around though...and we have an awesomely quiet afternoon ahead - with revision for upcoming assessments, violin practise for recital next week and of course - running of lines for the play! At least we do not have to leave the house though. Small mercies.

Howz your days looking peoples?



cat said...

Sounds like a good day to me - one that needs some Woollies tomato soup.

blackhuff said...

Your day sounds so good to me.
This morning I have awoken to a bladder infection and it is getting more and more painful. Going to go see the doc this afternoon. I so hope that she can give me something to clear it up because I really don't want it to make me stop exercising :(
Enjoy your day.

Stefanie said...

Been scrapping, snuggling with kitten and blankies, my school trip was SLOW, car on fire and a pedestrian down...was worse for them I suppose.
Once I am home with kids - staggered afterschool activities I am staying home too - small mercies. A way so no cooking required. Kids need to study and I can wacth tv and scrap some more.
All in all a great homeday.

Marcelle said...

So glad to see u having a good relaxing day!

Laura said...

I am trying to do this at least one morning a week. Its good for the soul!

Lynette said...

Oh...I am going to echo your day tomorrow;-) My kind of day...but I will throw in a bit of scrapping;-)

Karen said...

Funny! Is it only me, but it does not sound that relaxing to me? ;-)

Simply-Mel said...

@ Karen...yah, this post was kinda tongue-in-cheek about how unable to relax I am! Clearly rather poorly communicated but glad you picked it up!!