22 May 2011

Weekend Pictorial

Lulu reads her birthday blogpost.

Skating - the newfound (or rediscovered) passion

Birthday shopping (note nothing in this pic bar the bunny was purchased!)

Birthday tea at granny Allies house.

My mom and I. All to often twins...and never planned!

Honey is so glaringly absent in our weekend. I have missed her very much. We are fetching her from the camp at 1530, yay! Am sure to be regaled with many stories of midnight feasts and hijinx galore!

Happy Sunday peeps.


Marcelle said...

I hope Lulu had an awesome birthday - she looks filled with joy!
Ur mom looks like ur sister!

Lynette said...

Loved seeing the photos...and I love the last one of you and your mom! Two very beautiful women...inside and out.

Kirsty said...

Lovely pics. I hate it when one of my brood isn't with us...... its amazing how empty it can feel with 1 small person missing...... a 5ivesome just isn"t fun with one missing ;)

Shayne said...

Gorgeous pics Mel. A weekend of memory keeping that's for sure.

Love the pic of you and A - those jerseys are gorgeous!

Laura said...

Hahahaha - shopping with Kiara is a nightmare - 20 shops and we are lucky if we can find a sweet she likes!

cat said...

OK, so where did the twins buy that stunning jerseytjie? Please tell.

Happy Bday to Lulu and looks like you guys had heaps of fun.

blackhuff said...

You sure do look a lot like you mom :)