23 June 2011

Books and Authors

I have been re-reading my copy of this book - i bought it some years ago, read it, made some changes and then fell back into old patterns. I re-read it this week and was again struck by the vitality, vulnerability and transparancy of this author. I thoroughly recommend it if you are looking to *choose less in a world of more.*

Imagine my shock when I logged onto her blog and discovered she had suffered a major stroke in January this year. She has only recently been released from hospital and has a very long and difficult journey ahead to recovery. She is 38, a mom of 2 young girls, a ballet dancer, a writer, a speaker and so much more. And yet, she is only human, like the rest of us.

Take a moment today, reflect and be grateful.


cat said...

Oh my word, how sad and shocking. Putting this on my "to read" list.

blackhuff said...

So fragile a human life is - shocking and sad about this incredible woman.

stroller said...

So young - thats a shocker!
I'd like to read the book when you're finished.
Hopefully I'll soon be in a place where I can better implement some of the changes she suggests.

Julia said...

Gosh. That is shocking. Will look out for this book.x

Joanne said...

Strangely I heard of 2 cases of cancer today one of someone I know and one of someone who had died of it at 25

rememberwhenwewereyoung said...

When I hear things like this it really and truly scares me. Thank heavens she is okay and I hope her journey to recovery is quick.

Makes you appreciate what you have "now"!