22 June 2011

Christmas in June!

It really does feel a bit like Christmas to me...so many wishlist items all arriving at once due to cirumstances all lining up in my favour!

A few of you may remember my post earlier this year of when my camera got stolen on the beach. It was such a day for me - not just the loss of the camera but all the photos I had taken and not yet downloaded. I was gutted. That was January this year I think.

I have since been using my cellphone camera for most photos. It has not been fun as I really like to take photos....like the rest of you! Insurance paid us out a couple of bob but not enough to get a decent camera ....so we waited and waited some more. KJ then told me about her G12 and 2 days ago I found it online at Arrow Photo...for a bargain price INCLUDING and 8gig memory card! Wooooop - it arrives today sometime by courier.

Canon G-12

 This is simply a spoil from my man. I found it online at Nivo -  It’s GPS-enabled so it knows how far and how fast I run - It comes with a heart rate monitor to display your heart rate in beats per minute. It also provides heart rate-based calorie computations so you can accurately track your calories burned.. There’s virtually no setup required, so I can just press start and run or walk with it...yeah!

Garmin Forerunner 110

Finally, I have decided life is too short to mess around with touchscreen phones. I am selling my wildfire and have purchased this (2month) old Nokia E-5 online at gumtree for half its retail value. Am totally stoked to be able to get it and be contract-free. (Another small step to being debt free. ;-) 

And yes - i could have had a BB ( but their cameras are cr@p) or numerous other phones but I CHOOSE boring Nokia cos I like them. (i still have my e51)  This modest upgrade has a 5mp camera, whatsapp, fb, twitter, mp3 player blah blah hopscotch. Last I heard you can even make a phone call with it!

Nokia E-5

 Can you say *online retail-high*?  :-)


(ps - further to the 'Changes' post of Monday I have gone a step further and downgraded our dstv bouquet to Compact. And kids havent missed a beat)


Joanne said...

Interesting camera I am looking at the new 600d love your watch and as for online therapy it is all I do here and it's fantastic order by 9pm del next morning from anywhere in country x

cat said...

Enjoy the camera and the rest. I am so tired of not being in proper phone mode I can scream!

Please tell me about DSTV compact - am thinking about it too but it looks to me that hubby will not be able to see the rugby and that we will not get Mnet (and thus CSI) or am I dof?

Kim Barty said...

Retail therapy at it best! I got a polar watch for my family for my birthday. I hate reading manuals, so have no idea how to see how far I'm running, how many kjs I'm burning etc, so can you come past my place and show me how! We can even go for a run!

blackhuff said...

I am happy for you that you are getting such nice goodies. I am jealous of you regarding that Garmin Forerunner. So cool. Enjoy it.
I too, like I said in a blog post before, prefer the Nokia which takes better pictures. So I applaud your decision regarding this phone you have chosen.

christa said...

awesome spoils for you my Bokkie!!! E N J O Y the techno feast. see u at tap watching later? liefde ekkkee X

MelB said...

@CAT - yup, you lose the sport and mnet. but we decided to join the kids in *sacrificing* what we also love. We always join friends, go to pubs etc for sporting events anyway - my man LOVES his rugby! But you can also upgrade to premium for sporting events. we do that in mcgregor if there is a big game - just upgrade for the weekend. Ito of losing mnet - we download the series' that we enjoy to our media player if necessary

MelB said...

@kim B - that is an AWESOme gift!!! geez woman, you know not the power you have on your wrist!! Yes, I shall have to empower and enlighten you. :-)

MacNessa said...

Love all of your goodies. I'm definitely going to get some kind of heart rate/gps/whatnot gadget, since I plan on doing an insane amount of walking soon, might get hopelessly lost, and actually want to start running as soon as my legs/feet etc can handle it. I could not imagine being without a camera. Srsly. Which reminds me I'd better charge my batteries so that I'm all set for...SOON!

rememberwhenwewereyoung said...

Looking forward to seeing your photo's....I would die a slow death without my camera. Which reminds me I did think it was stolen once only to find I had left it at the office. This is after I had reported it to the Insurance Company with my case number. I had to sheepishly phone them back and let them know it was not stolen, only misplaced :)

Caroline said...

Nice goodies! Especially like the camera!

Karen said...

Nice gadgets!
Well done on steps taken to debt-free!

Julia said...

Lucky you!
I don't do touch screens either. And I LOVE my Nokia and won't easily change to BB - that camera is simply not worth it.