11 June 2011

FiveTribe Talks Fashion

and by that I dont mean I am *really* talking fashion. Simply that I am sharing (and commenting) on some winter streetwear looks that have come across my desk lately. We all know this in NOT a fashion blog!

but its the weeeeekend, so lets have some fluff shall we?

Love everything about this, even the coffee!

Also a great casual look, although the boots arent my vibe

LOVE. I would have had  colour somewhere and more biker-ish boots.

LOVE. Again, a splash of colour would be my tilt on this.

Love this. But some looks are best left for under 30's!

Another great look, but i dont like brown with black
Such a great take on a blazer!

What I love about all these looks is how easy to wear they are hey? Throw on jeans, a loose top and jacket. Grab a scarf and a pair of great boot and you good to go fetch the kids!

Happy weekend peeps.


Julia said...

Cool post. Must say I am not really feeling the shorts being worn over tights look. LOL...maybe I am just getting OLD.

Shayne said...

Love these looks - so easy to pull on as you say.

Bought myself a stunning black jacket today - similar to the 3rd last pic and cannot wait to wear it!

blackhuff said...

I also love all of these looks and agree that the boots in photo 2 is also not my cup of tea.

stroller said...

Stroller (aka allie) strolling by - lurve these looks: wish I were 25 again.
But I think some of them (NOT the shorts ones!) are adaptable even for moi and my peers.
Perhaps with the tops a tad longer (away with too-visible thighs!)

Mel, as an aside, won't you introduce Stroller to those of your readers who were mine also?
Its a lazy way for me to get the word out but I'm sure you won't mind.
Sanks a stack.