03 June 2011

Fridays Thoughts

Tomorrow is Honey's much anticipated Adventure party out in Scarborough. She has been looking forward to this for some time and seeing as its her TENTH birthday we decided to splash out and treat her (and her mates) ! Take a looksee here at what its all about.

In other news:

1. We have booked a winter holiday here. Many of my friends have claimed Blanco as their dream holiday - back to nature and pure restful bliss. We are looking forward to a special family time and maybe even some snow! It is a 9hour journey from Cape Town which will be interesting....luckily my kids are awesome travellers....its me I am worried about!

2. Have found an awesome mountain bike for Hooli for his birthday, gears, shocks - the works. Best part is it is hardly used, comes from a friend of mine whose daughter simply didnt like to ride. What a bonus.

3. We finally sorted out our Wii...bonust is I was able to get one for R500 (long story) so have been able to purchase Wii Fit Plus, Just Dance 2, Mario Kart, Littlest Pet Shop games for the kids with the money they were given for all the birthdays. Happy days!

4. I am without a voice - laryngitis I am told is the official name. I dont feel too sick but sound ridiculous ... the bummer is that I cant train at all apparently. That is seriously annoying me. But I shall be good and take it easy.

5. Honey's violin recital went off beautifully a few nights ago. Such a treat to watch an ensemble of about 12 little violinists doing their thing. She is loving it now and her teacher has encouraged me to buy the Suzuki viline CD as Honey has (apparently) a finely tuned musical ear and will be able to teach herself from listening to the CD. I am amazed....the music gene aint from either myself or her dad!

6. Assessments start next week for both girls. I am not stressing at all as both are great students and dont really need to be pushed to achieve. We will take it in our stride and enjoy the ride!

Happy weekend everyone!


Shayne said...

We did an adventure party for D's 11th at a local place called Forest Way - obstacle course, hiking, they slept in the mountains under tarpulin (no tents) and they had an absolutely ball. Money well spent. Am sure Honey will have just as an amazing time.

And YAY to Blanco. I just cannot justify spending that money when we have all they offer right her at home :(

Know the laryngitis story - yuck huh? Keep warm and don't talk.

Yay to WII, Honey's violin too

Happy weekend.

cat said...

Ai jay, - rest that voice girl.

And yeah to so many many things - hope you guys have a great party (looks fantastic) and a great holiday.

4 the hunts said...

Sooo glad u are taking the bike and its going to be used!! A blessing both ways! You are brave - 9 hr car trip and snow! enjoy xx get better!!

blackhuff said...

That is great that you found such an awesome bike for Hooli.
What luck to get the Wii for R500.00. So glad for you regarding that.
Yes, you are so right - take it easy until you feel better or your voice come back again.
The Adventure party sounds like a dream for every kid. Hope she and you all enjoy it so much.
Have a nice weekend.

Julia said...

Shame lady. I hope that you will manage to rest your voice.
Sunscene is an awesome party venue. We took my Tween son there in January last year to a friends party and all of us ended up swimming in that dam. Glorious day. HE STILL talks about it and would LOVE his party there. Unfortunately his birthday is in Winter so it is just not practical.
And how lucky were you to get a Wii for R500?